Elements of the Planets in Medical Astrology

Different Zodiac signs and nakshatras represent different parts of a body. In a similar way each planet represents different parts of a body and diseases related to it. A person might suffer fom the diseases on the basis of the characteristics of the nakshatra and planet.

Thus, the period, location and the nature of the disease is analysed on the basis of the planets, signs, nakshatras and houses in a horoscope. Below are the elements of the planets in medical astrology related to different parts of the body.

The Sun

It is the Karak element of bile (pitta). It represents the normal health of a person. It is related to heart, stomach, bone and right eye. Therapeutic area under the medical astrology of the sun is headache, baldness,irritation, fever, pain, burns, heart disease, eye disease, stomach ailments etc.

The Moon

Its temperament is phlegam (kapkha) with an element of air (vatta). It reflects the stability and muscularity of mind. It represents the flow of body fluids, blood and left eye. It is related to mental problems like mental aberration, emotional turmoil, fear, etc. can lead to hypersomnia.

Moon in the domain of tuberculosis, anemia, diarrhea, blood poisoning, jaundice, water and aquatic animal diseases. Moon in relation with Mars controls the diseases related to the menstrual cycle and reproductive system in a women.

The Mars

Pitta is the factor of this planet. It reflects energy and strength. This planet represents head, bone marrow, bile, hemoglobin, cells of the uterus-the-wall, crash, injuries, surgeries, burning, blood disorders, disruption of tissues, high blood pressure, bile-induced inflammation, excessive thirst, eye disorders, epilepsy, bone breakage, uterine disease, childbirth and abortion, head injury, war injury etc.

The Mercury

It is a karak all the three elements i.e air, bile and kapha. It reflects wisdom, sanity and logics. When mercury combines with malefic Moon it affects the ideology of a person and can be the reason for mental aberration. It represents skin, throat, nose, lungs, and patient depression, mental instability, mental complexity, profanity, defective speech, dizziness, white leprosy, impotence and deafness.


Jupiter is of kapha nature. It is a benefic planet and protects the person from all kind of ailments. It represents liver disorders, gallbladder disease, spleen disorders, obesity, anemia, fever, delirium, ear disease, diabetes, etc.  It also affects the pancreatic areas and fat in the body. It is the karak of laziness.


Venus is of air and kapha nature. It controls the sexual activity of a person. It gives genital related diseases if is is afflicted. It represents face, eyes, semen, genital, urinary system. It is the karak of pancreatic factor also and controls the hormonal cycle of the body. This planet can gives ailments like sexual disorders, eye diseases, cataract Bind, white leprosy, venereal disease, diabetes.


This planet is of air and kapha nature. It gives unusual and incurable dieseases. This planet causes diseases related to legs, nerve, the last part of the large intestine, anus. A person suffers from strokes, dementia, cancer, extreme exertion, fatigue, leg and foot disease, injury, depression and mental disorder of depression, stomach disease, injury from falling from the trees and the stone due to its effect.


Rahu causes slovenliness, hiccups, hysteria, leprosy, impotence, incurable disease, Vishakta, snake bites, foot diseases, etc. Being similar in nature to that of Saturn, it can give the ailments given by Saturn also.


Ketu can give all the ailments of Rahu. Other than those it also causes epidemic, fever, blisters containing toxic, infectious disease caused by infection, deafness, defective speech, etc.



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