Kendra Houses

In the Natal Chart, after trines (5th and 9th houses), Kendra houses are the most significant of all. If benefic planets are placed in the Kendra house, it enhances the internal strength of an individual. This helps the person to face the difficulties of life. He is prepared to face the challenges of ill health with courage.

Importance of Kendra Houses

The first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses of the natal chart are called Kendra houses.
Kendra houses are the auspicious houses of the chart. That means all planets placed in the kendra make the native healthy, wealthy and wise. As per hindu Mythology Kendras are the houses of Vishnu and Trines are the houses of Goddess Laxmi,.Lord Vishnu is related to stability, security and savings that overcome the limits of goddess laxmi which is related to the progress and development of a person but lacks stability.
According to Parashar, auspicious planets in Kendra houses give auspicious results. The person can get favorable results from inauspicious planets if they are located in the Trik houses, Kendra houses bless a person with good health. Their auspiciousness can increase the happiness of the person. Kendra houses make a person’s married life and vocation enjoyable. Let’s see the importance of Kendra houses in the Kundali.

The fortune of an individual is directly proportional to the no. of planets in the Kendra houses. The more the planets the more is the native fortunate.It is believed that within  the 4 Kendra  4th is more auspicious than 1st, 7th is more auspicious than 4th and 10th is more auspicious than 7th. So on the whole the 10th house is the most auspicious Kendra house.

Importance of the 1st house - The 1st Kendra House

The 1st House' i.e. the Ascendant also known as the Tanu (body) Bhava that outlines the beginning of life i.e child hood, health, surroundings, individuality, Physical appearance, Character and the general strength of the horoscope.

Importance of the 4th house - The 2nd Kendra House

The Fourth house is a kendra house that signifies Home life, internal Happiness, mother’s felicity,  Movable and immovable properties,general  education. It also represents kaal purush - neck and shoulders.

Importance of the 7th house - The 3rd Kendra House

The Seventh house represents Marriage, nature of spouse, happiness in the married life, DIplomacy, business partners, friendship, traveling, hidden energies. It also represents the kaal purush-private parts. In medical astrology, Sex-related disease and deficiency is judged from this house.

Importance of the 10th house - The 4th Kendra House

The Tenth Bhava is very important in terms of the profession of an individual. The person ability and competency is judged by 10th house. It represents the  occupation of the native, Level of Success, Means of lively hood, Self-respect, Knowledge related to religion and status in the society. The complex (Superiority and Inferiority) of the person is judged by the Seventh house

The the complete kendras are like chain process as the native born with his basic trait and personality - the range of happiness and luxury he can attain -the life partners contribution - the professional overview all comes under the kendra bhavas.hence, all the 4 kendras play an important role in the natives personal and professional life and more than 60% of the life of an individual is judged through the kendras.