Afflicted Planet and Its Indication in Life

There are 9 major planets considered in the Indian Astrology. These planets if afflicted can be judged in our day to day life. It has been observed that planets whose houses are occupied by the enemy planet is taken as affliction.
Let us take planets one by one and check the indicator of affliction.

Afflicted Sun as Indicator

For afflicted Sun the indicator is

  • the unfortunate event will take place early in life i.e. in the youthful days of the native.
  • He will rise in status, social or in the Government employment and go on rising in life, suddenly a stroke of misfortune and suddenly all earnings is lost du to one or the other reason.
  • There may be serious illness or some chronic disease and almostall earnings has to be spent on it.
  • The misfortune will strike whne the child is 11 months old or 11 years old.

Afflicted Moon as Indicator

For afflicted Moon the indicator is

  • All riches and wealth start disappearing because of unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.
  • The first casualty is the education.
  • If someone tries to help in such cases he is himself rendered incapable.

Afflicted Mars as Indicator

For afflicted Mars the indicator is

  • As adulthood sets in the person starts gaining name, fame and honour, and those who try to place hurdles are crushed mercilessly.
  • Assured success eludes just at the eleventh hour and the native gets disappointment.
  • Various misfortunes take place simultaneously.

Afflicted Mercury as Indicator

For afflicted Mercury the indicator is

  • The misfortune strikes at the time of marriage of a daughter or a sister.
  • Sometimes the misfortune strikes at the time of the birth of a male child.
  • Even the rich families have been made paupers due to afflicted Mercury.

Afflicted Jupiter as Indicator

For afflicted Jupiter the indicator is

  • The black hair start turning grey
  • With the greying of hair the misfortune starts.
  • The name fame and honour becomes the means of dihonour.

Afflicted Venus as Indicator

For afflicted Venus the indicator is

  • This stats with the marriage of some family member.
  • One side is the grand preparations of marriage and on the other side there happens something which introduces elements of extreme sorrow.
  • A death of a near and dear one or a final good bye of someone in the family at such celebrating moment. Marriage party turns into sorrow party.

Afflicted Saturn as Indicator

For afflicted Saturn the indicator is

  • When the person has reach to the position of enjoying the fruits of success all of a sudden misfortune burst in the family.
  • Fire in the house may cripple the native
  • A major accident occurs that might make the native lame and enjoyers become mourners.
  • The incident happens without any remote action done by the native.

Afflicted Rahu as Indicator

For afflicted Rahu the indicator is

  • Suddenness is the feature of Rahu.Everything happens with the twinkling of eye.
  • Their is either some short circuit or some unforeseen mishap that brings the whole premises of good luck and happiness like a pack of cards.
  • Justice begets injustice everywhere.
  • Charges of misappropriation, theft, and charges similar to this are labelled upon the native and brings unfounded sentence on the subject.

Afflicted Ketu as Indicator

For afflicted Ketu the indicator is

  • The misfortune falls generally on male children. Either the male children is not born and even it they are born they soon become crippled or invalid.

These indication may remind us that there is something wrong somewhere. Recurrence of similar type of event indicates that something is basically wrong with the family. As per lal kitab, Mercury has been specifically named as the the strong planet can even move mountains.



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