Strong Planets

There are nine planets in Hindu Astrology that affect the terrestrial phenomena. These nine planets are Sun,  Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Planets individually or in conjunction determine the strength and weakness of planets in a horoscope. There are various factors that decide the strength of planets. Following are the factors that play a significant role in deciding the strength of the planets.


Conjunction of good planets always give strength to the planets while on the other hand if the conjunction is with malefic planets it produces malefic results. Good planets can be of 2 types. The natural benefics and benefics as per the lordship of benefic houses. Natural benefics are Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon and lords of 5th house and 9th house. Hence, conjunction with lords of 5th and 9th also makes the planet strong.


    When the planet is in the sign of exaltation then the planet is capable of executing its primary mission and hence is called a strong planet. For example, Jupiter in Cancer, the Sun in Aries, Mars in Capricorn, Rahu in Gemini, Saturn in Libra and Moon in Taurus is a strong planet.


      The planets in its own sign or Mooltrikona are also referred as strong planets. A strong natal planet protects and promotes its general significations and the significations of its mooltrikona house.

        House of friendly sign

        Planet in its friendly sign will also give strength to the planet. The condition gives happiness to the native.


          There are six source of strength of the planets The six sources are Sthanbala (Position in the particular house) : This is the positional strength which a planet gets as a result of occupying a particular house. Digbala ( directional Strength) : This is the directional strength. Jupiter and Mercury are strong in the east ( ascendant) . The Sun and the Mars are strong in the North i.e. 10th house. Saturn is strong in the west i.e in the 7th house. Venus and Moon acquire directional strength in th south i.e in the 4th house. Chestabala ( Motional Strength) : The Sun and Moon in the sign of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini siign which forms the Sun’s northerly couse ( Uttarayana). Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in retrogression or in conjunction with the Full Moon gets Motional strength. If Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn are with Mars, they said to be defeated in the planetary fight and get Motional Strength. Kalabala ( temporal strength) : The Moon, Mars, Saturn are powerful during the night. The Sun, Jupiter, and Venus are powerful in the day time . Mercury is always powerful. Malefic are strong in the dark half of the lunar month while benefics are powerful in the bright half of the lunar month. Mercury is strong at the sunrise. the Sun strong at the Noon, Saturn in the evening, Moon in the first part of the night, Venus in the midnight and Mars in the last part of the night. Drugbala: Aspects of benefics give full strength or Drugbala while aspects of malefics take away the strength of the planet. Naisargikbala: This means permanent or natural strength. Each planet produces a particular strength permanently irrespective of its position. The order of the planets with strength is The Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn. The Sun is most powerful and the Saturn is the least powerful. There are various other factors that indicate the strength of the planet such as :
          • Any planet is considered strong when its longitude is between 05º to 25º in a particular sign and it is not in the state of weakness. The strebgth can further increase if the planet is
          • young, i.e. its longitude is between 10º to 20º in a particular sign.
          • occupies own or good navamsa and other divisions.
          • under the close influence of the functional benefic planets.
            • If the planet has capacity to bless if its natal strength is at least 60% and it is unafflicted. In such a situation the results may come with some delay and of slightly lower order.
            • With the help of the strengthening measures - gemstones or Kavach - the strength of the planets, can be enhanced