Significance of Birth Rashi in Astrology

Birth Rashi in astrology is the Rashi or the sign in which Moon is placed at the time of birth. It has a great importance in the predictions of the daily life of an individual. A moon sign horoscope is prepared and has a great effect on day to day activities. The three major charts prepared basically to check the strength of the planets are the ascendant chart, birth Rashi chart and Navamansha chart.

As we know that out of all the 7 planets, Moon is the fastest moving planet. The birth Rashi chart is considered to be more effective than ascendant chart of those who have their birth time at night. The daily and weekly predictions are done on the basis of birth Rashi chart.

Comparing with the regular activities, if Ascendant chart is the final exam report card then birth Rashi chart is the monthly exam report card. So, to predict anything in the final exam report card the monthly exam reports are very significant.

Let us discuss the 12 birth Rashis when Moon is placed in different signs:


The Birth Rashi lord is Mars. Aries sign is a movable sign. Arians ruled by Mars have certain amount of independent thinking and reasoning. Birth Moon in Aries indicates being impulsive, ambitious and enterprising. Moon in Aries makes the native fickle-minded.


Taurus sign is ruled by Venus. Moon in Taurus is exalted which means that Moon finds all the resources available to achieve its primary goals. It makes the native influential, ability to command and the native makes great strides in life. Moon in Taurus makes native liberal, happy in middle and old age. They are restless, idiosyncratic and versatile.


Gemini sign is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is a planet which is neither male nor female. It is an earthy and dual signed planet and varies from benefic to malefic depending on its conjunction with malefic planet. Moon in Gemini indicates creativity, fondness for woman, persuasiveness, curly hair and inclination towards knowledge of scriptures.


Birth Rashi as Cancer sign is considered to be the most fortunate sign in all. It  is ruled by the Moon. It is a movable sign. Moon placed in the Cancer indicates charming personality, being wealthy, influenced by the women and lot of unprofitable and profitable voyages. The natives are very sensitive, prudent, frugal and conventional.


Leo Birth Rashi is ruled by the Sun. It is a fixed sign. The Sun is a male planet. It is fiery and peach coloured. Natives will have a bold appearance and will be blond. They have large cheeks and broad face. Leos might face colic troubles, are inclined to be unhappy, liberal, generous, ambitious, proudy and aristocratic.


Apart from Gemini, Virgo sign is also ruled by Mercury. It is an earthy dual sign and its direction is south. Natives born with Moon in Virgo indicate lovely complexion, sunken shoulders, soft body and sweet speech. The native is virtuous, phlegmatic, conceited in self estimation, conservationist, loquacious, attracted towards occult sciences and can be popular as an astrologer. The native is also skilled in arts like music and dancing.


It is ruled by Venus and is a masculine sign. It is an airy sign and movable in nature.  Natives are holy and learned. They are tall, thin, intelligent, wealthy, amicable, aspiring and have love for arts.


It is ruled by Mars and is a feminine sign. It is a watery sign and fixed in nature. Moon in Scorpio means weak Moon thus native born with this Moon indicate broad eyes, wide chest, round shanks and thighs. Moon in Scorpio also indicate that the natives are straightforward, open minded, unhappy, wealthy, impetuous and obstinate.


It is ruled by Jupiter is a masculine sign. It has dual nature and is a fiery sign. Birth Rashi Sagittarius represent broad face, large teeth, indistinct shoulders, disfigured nails and arms. The natives have deep and inventive intellect, have good speech, are patrons of arts and literature, are ceremonial minded, have reflective mentality and good inheritance.


It is ruled by Saturn and is a feminine sign. It has movable nature and is earthy. Natives born with Moon in Capricorn are virtuous, quick in perception, clever, active, sagacious, strategic, unscrupulous and inconsistent.


The water bearer’s sign is ruled by Saturn and is masculine and fixed in nature. The natives born with birth Rashi are fair looking, sensual, pure-minded, artistic, diplomatic, lonely, and esoteric. They have well formed body, large teeth, low belly and youngish looking.


Pisces sign is a watery sign and is ruled by Jupiter. This sign is feminine and has a dual nature. Birth Rashi Pisces represents long nose and bright body. They are subservient to opposite sex and are handsome, learned and adventurous. They get spiritually inclined in the later part of life.

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