Natural Benefic and their Dasha Analysis

Vedic Astrology is considered to be more as a guiding science than a predictive science.During the analysis of horoscope it is very important to understand the Dashas and Bhuktis to calculate the timing of an incident. for example, if a querist has the question related to marriage, we have to check the position of 7th house lord and the planet placed in the 7th house After examining the strength of the planet it is important to check the dasha and bhuktis related ot the 7th lord and 7th planet. once finding the right dasha period and bhukti related to the 7th house. answer to the query can be found. it is possible that with the help of Dasha , bhukti, Antara and also sooksham Antara can guide us to enhance the level of accuracy.

In predicting the events, the Vishmottari dasha should be carefully examined to precisely calculate the timing of event. The lord of the Dasa has the quality of its own. This will be modified by the nature of the house, nature of the sign, the nature of the aspect and various other factors.

Jupiter is considered to be the 1st grade Natural benefics it has the Mahadasha duration of 16 years. if may not be favourable at all positions or zodiac sign in the chart.

If Jupiter in the Janam Lagna is in

Aries: then it will genrate good results during its mahadasha. Jupiter is Aries will result in Acquisition of Land property, success in all undertakings, appointment ass a trustee, add on repsonsibility. great respect from own people.

Taurus: Access to new territories, fresh treatize, acquisition of wealth, establishment of business. or a firm, increase in lands and cattle, respect from friends and foes.

Gemini: Jupiter in gemin produced -thypr of work. Death of wife, loss of children, brothers and cousin, fear from rulers and uneasiness.

Cancer: Jupiter in the Cancer sign at the time will produce much better results. Jupiter in Cancer is exalted chance of getting political success, promotions, acquisition of wealth from unexpected sources.

Leo: Respect from rules, gain of lands, realization of ones own desires and ambitions.

Virgo: Position of Jupiter in the zodiac sign Virgo, produces mixed results.  Residence in the foreign countries. destruction of wife and property.ill health, symptoms of nervous trouble.

Libra: Residence in dissolute places, shameful life. selfish interests, unbearable difficulties.

Scorpio: Mental calm snd happinesss.  acquisition of new lands, undistributed progress, Reputation will be at stake.

Sagittarius: This position of Jupiter further enhances the effectiveness of the planets. Increase in the fa,ily mambers and the right time of gains and perfect fame.

Capricorn: In this rashi Jupiter is debilitated, Thus produces some malefic results.Deat of children, wife not well , loss of property and reputation.

Aquarius: Jupiter in this sign develops fear from wild beast. , animals, many hardships and loss of wealth.

Pisces: Oisces fro Jupiter is the Jupiter in pisces leads to gain of wealth, high education  and exhibition of



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