Dasha system is very important part of Indian astrology. All events are timed by the planetary periods called Dashas. The transits called as Gochara. The Dasha System divides individuals life into periods, sub-periods and minor periods.

It is believed by the seers of Hindu astrology that Moon exercises the greatest influence in one’s life. Moon is the starting point of the life. Hence, the dasha system was developed on the basis of Moon. The position of Moon at the time of birth is very important.

There are various Dasha system in hindu astrology out of which there are two main varieties of dasha which are ‘Ashtottari Dasha’ and ‘Vishmotari Dasha’. The position of Moon at the time of birth is the base of preparing Dasha chart.

The start of Vishmottari Dashas depends on the Nakshatra in which Moon is placed in the birth chart.

The Mahadasa of different planets on the basis of the Nakshatra in which the native is born are:

  • If born in the Sun Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be of 6 years.
  • If born in the Moon Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be of 10 years.
  • If born in the Mars Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 7 years.
  • If born in the Rahu Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 18 years.
  • If born in the Jupiter Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 16 years.
  • If born in the Saturn Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 19 years.
  • If born in the Mercury Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 17 years.
  • If born in the Ketu Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 7 years.
  • If born in the Venus Nakshatra: Mahadasha will be 20 years.

The total of the different periods will be of 120 years is considered as the natural human life period. The position of the Moon decides the ruling planet and the degree of the Moon determines the period assigned to 1st Mahadasha. If the Moon is placed in the 1st degree of the Nakshatra then the Mahadasha will be of full period. If the Moon occupies some intermediate degrees then the duration is reduced accordingly.

Effects of Mahadashas of various planets

Sun: When the Sun is strong it denotes high administrative positions, or fame in politics. If native is a doctor he will gain reputation. The native will become brave and courageous and develop his majestic appearance and will show a great command in his speech.

When the Sun is weak then during its Mahadasha, the native will develop weak eyesight, headaches, problem related to blood circulation, heart related  trouble, bone fractures, overheating, fevers, blood pressure, neuralgia, bone cancer etc.

Moon: When the Moon is strong during Mahadasha, the mothers will be having sufficient resources and will develop the child's mental faculties in a peaceful manner. The native will be affluent, receptive, sensitive, good memory and does meritorious deeds.

When the Moon is weak it gives a weak body during its Mahadasha. The native has to face psychic problems like sleeplessness, lethargy, drowsiness, troubles related to lungs, neurological disorders, digestive complains, blood disorders, frequent cough and cold and weakness.

Mars: When it is strong then its Mahadasha denotes thirst for action, passions, ambition, physical strength, positive energy, power to carry through, courage, bravery, heroism, competitive and fighting spirit, vim and vigour.

When it is weak then during its Mahadasha the native lacks courage, does not get good support of his brother, the native suffers from inflammations, overheating, wounds, burns, accidents, fractures, operations and tumors etc.

Mercury: When it is strong then its Mahadasha indicates improved communication skills, constructive intelligence, rational decision making, dexterous deals, sharp verbal and mental ability and an outstanding decision making.

When it is weak then its Mahadasha causes psychic diseases, insomnia, nervous breakdown, skin diseases, impotence, loss of memory or speech, deafness, asthma, disorders of intestine, dyspepsia etc and it creates tensions in life, lack of confidence and situation of indecisiveness.

Jupiter: When it is strong then during its Mahadasha it indicates administrative positions, new contracts, promotions for bankers, teachers, management experts, inclination towards religion, optimism, faith, humour, idealism and improved judgment power.

When Jupiter is weak then during its Mahadasha, it causes dislike towards religion and God. The native is likely to get affected from thrombosis, anaemia, tumors, jaundice, other liver complaints, asthma and diabetes.

Venus: When it is strong then during its Mahadasha it denotes aesthetic sense of doing work, purchase of some new vehicle, spending romantic moments, gains,  pleasures, luxury, beauty, friendliness, love, charm, gracefulness and refined sensuality.

When it is weak, it causes venereal diseases, urinary diseases, breaking up of relationships,  weakness of sexual organs, paralysis, asthma, impotence, loss of bodily luster etc.

Saturn: When it is strong then its Mahadasha denotes stability, sincerity,  hard working support of helpers, detachment, improvement in concentration, dutifulness, sincerity, stability, longevity, responsibility and consistency.

When it is weak then during its Mahadasha it causes rheumatic pains, separation from family, constant and painful diseases, leg fracture, cancer, skin diseases, paralysis, punishment, emaciation, indigestion, dyspepsia, wind dosha, intestinal obstruction etc.

In simple terms, we can say that the Mahadasha rules horoscope as the president and all the decisions and activities are processed through the effect of the Mahadasha.



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    Sir, Happy new year,i send you my birthdate & time for detail kundali,recent dasha& mahadasha & precautions, per house prediction in hindi. birthdate -21/8/1961 time -18:56 pm. in evening, place :mumbai, all details by mail,thanks.
    By yatin p. raut | Published 30 December, 2012 19:19:29 PM Reply
    Born @ mumbai @ 00.50 hrs on 8th night i.e. 9th Oct.1967. Keen to know the when of work @ earning related sequence since 10th lord Mars mahadasha & Saturn antardasha is closing. Last 5 years, nothing of note has happened?
    By Neeraj S Issar | Published 15 January, 2013 11:16:02 AM Reply
    Born @amritsar @2045 hrs on 9th january 1975.Kneen to know when will I get a job again been trying but nothing working out
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    Sir Kindly Mention that When I Could Get Enough Money in my Life ?

    My Date, Time & Place of Birth is as Under.
    23 Sep 1974
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    (Cell # 00923335722872
    By SYED AMMAR KAZMI | Published 29 October, 2013 23:35:31 PM Reply
    where is Rahu and Ketu explanation ?
    By michael | Published 28 March, 2014 06:52:55 AM Reply
    My son arnav.dob 8.9.12.....6:35 pm ttime
    By renu | Published 26 October, 2015 11:38:02 AM Reply
    My son Saurabh mittal DOB 8/7/1981 , 23.01 hrs time & place - Delhi, please let us know his marriage prospects, married life , how to find bride , whether any effect of Rahu mahadasha , or any other planet in his life , what will be period.
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