Rahu and Ketu - A study in Vedic Mantra

Background: There are several legends about Rahu and Ketu in the case of other celestial bodies. We do not find the names of Rahu and Ketu in the most ancient scriptures. Only seven planets are mentioned in the scriptures.

The name of Rahu, first appears in 'Mahabharata'. In astronomy, Rahu is considered the dragon's head and is also known as the north node of Moon. Ketu is known as dragon's tail, which gives birth to comets and meteors and is known as the south pole of Moon.

These two are called 'Chaya Grahas' meaning shadow planets. They do not rule any zodiac sign and are not characterised as male or female.

Eclipse: A solar eclipse occurs when Sun, Moon and Rahu or Ketu fall in the same zodiacal longitude. While Rahu is responsible for a solar eclipse, Ketu is for lunar eclipse. The ancient sages have given very accurate calculations about the eclipses and they have not taken any folk tale or legend in their calculations. Astronomically, the exact information is given in Brahatsamhita of Varahamihira about eclipses.

Role: Though Rahu and Ketu are 'Chaya Grahas' they have also been assigned certain significations and charectaristics in Astrology. No Lordship has been given to Rahu and Ketu, but certain signs have been considered as their own house, Moolashektra and exaltation. However this allotment is described, with slight variations , by different authorities, and it is advisable to follow one's own favourite authority.

Malefics: Both, Rahu and Ketu are extremely malefic planets. Rahu is treated similar to Saturn while Ketu to Mars. Ketu is a fiery planet like Mars and Sun. Rahu is signified as Pithamaha ( father's father) while Ketu is signified as 'Mathamaha' (father's mother).

Significance: Rahu gives a low class mind signifying cruelty. It also governs all sorts of poisonous chemicals. There is no equivalent to Rahu in giving sudden luck in gambling. It also represents diplomacy, cheating, belting, gambling, speculation, lottery, mining, chemicals and sudden success without much effort.

A well placed Rahu can make the native wealthy, powerful and well connected in society. An ill placed Rahu can create mental tensions, poverty, loss of honour and prestige.

Rahu Kaal: In Indian astrology each day of the week has been assigned to the ruling planet but Rahu and Ketu are given only one and half hour time in a day in which they cast their malefic influence. It is called 'Rahu Kaal '. One should avoid auspicious work like starting a new  business, buying some things, journeys and attending interviews during this time.

Diseases: Rahu can cause scabies, strong food poisoning, deformation of hand, foot and eye, leprosy and skin diseases. Dental deformation, drowning suicides, hiccups, palpitation, rheumatism and epilepsy are also caused by Rahu.

Ketu can cause infections from insects like worms, lice, wounds etc.

Worship of Rahu: There is a dedicated temple for Rahu in Tamilnadu at Thirunageswaram. When, the milk Abhisekham is done during 'Rahukaal' the milk when it flows down the statue of Rahu turns into light blue colour. This is viewed daily by thousands of devotees

Remedies: Feeding the ants is considered one way to propitiate Rahu. The gem stone related to Rahu is hessonite and it rules the number 4.

Articles for donation: Musturd, radish, coal, sesame should be donated on Saturday morning to ward off the evils of Rahu.


Beej Mantra: Om braam breem braum saha rahave namaha'.

Ved Vyaas Mantra: " Ardha kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardshanam, simhika garba sambootham tam rahum pranamamyaham".

Gayathri Mantra: " Om nagadwajaya vidmahe padma hastaya dheemahi thanno rahu prachodayat".

Reciting above Mantras with faith, devotion and sincerity will help to ward off the evils of Rahu during the Dasha and Antardasha of Rahu. One can also worship lord Shiva for this.

Ketu: Now, we will see about Ketu, a little. Ketu  is a headless half planet not as malefic as Rahu. It is considered Mokshakaraka(cause of liberation from the cycle of birth and death). It gives spiritual knowledge and non attachment to material pleasures. Ketu like Rahu is retrogade in motion.

Effects of Rahu: Ketu gives us wisdom, healing power, tantric healing, psychic abilities and healing powers possessed by evil spirits. Ketu influences pharmaceutical industry, medicine and astrology.

Misconception: There is a common misconception that Ketu is a dreaded planet. But actually, Ketu bestows supreme form of spiritual enlightenment which is similar to a great boon for all the natives.

Vedic Mantras

Ved Vyasa navagraha Mantra: "palasa pushpa sankaram taraka graha mustakam,raudram, raudrathmakam goram tam ketum pranamamyaham"

Gayathri Mantra: " Om aswathwajaya vidmahe shoola hastaya dheemahi,thanno ketu prachodayat"

Beeja Mantra: 'Om shraam shreem shraum saha ketave namaha'

Recite the above mantras at least 108 times during the Ketu Dasha or Antardhasa. If time does not permit, chant it 12 times daily with absolute faith and devotion.

Remedies: Worship lord Ganesha and also donate black things like mustard on Sundays.

Gem: Ketu's gemstone is cat's eye and he rules number 7 in Indian numerology.

Although, Rahu and Ketu are not considered main planets but they play a major role in a one’s life according to astrology.

The effect of Rahu and Ketu on our lives



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