Anahat Chakra

The Anahat Chakra is located in the heart. This Chakra gives rise to vices like desire, deceit, worry, attachment, pride and insensibility when is dormant. It eliminates all these vices and stimulates purity when it is aroused.

The Anahat Chakra is situated in heart and is in the form of a lotus of twelve petals. The lord of this Chakra is Venus and Taurus sign and Libra are its signs. Venus is the Karaka planet of love. People who are satisfied in their love life are less prone to diseases related to Anahat Chakra.

But, if Venus and its signs are afflicted then this Chakra can cause heart diseases. The lord of this Chakra is Shiva.

The chief diety of this Chakra is goddess Kakini. The twelve petals of the lotus depicting this Chakra represents the 12 syllables - kam, kham, gam, gham, ngam, cham, chham, jam, jham, nyam, tam and tham. Anahat Chakra gives auspicious results when meditation is done for it.

Anahat Chakra is situated near the heart. This Chakra is represented by a smoke grey coloured lotus of 12 petals. The twelve nerves meet at cardiac plexus and form a structure like a flower of lotus. The twelve syllables kam, kham, gam, gham, ngam, cham, chham, jam, jham, nyam, tam and tham represent the twelve petals of that flower. The fourth Chakra is the place of exchange of vital air from the nostrils.

Anahat Chakra lies in nasal cavity along with heart. The senses above it are also controlled by this Chakra. This Chakra consists of the vital air necessary for living. An equilibrium between the inner and outer world is established by meditating for this Chakra. One can acquire wisdom of all the epics by meditating for this Chakra. The person then becomes a Yogi and the one who can enjoy every happiness in life.

Other names of Anahat Chakra - Anhat, Hriday, Fourth Chakra

Seed syllable of Anahat Chakra - Yam

Colour of Anahat Chakra - Dark Green

Sound of Anahat Chakra - Mum

Planet of Anahat Chakra - Venus

Element of Anahat Chakra - Air

Raga of Anahat Chakra - raga Bharavi and Durga

Fragrance of Anahat Chakra - rose, sandalwood and pine

Gemstones related to Anahat Chakra - emerald, green calcite, rose, azurite, jade, watermelon and tourmaline

Characteristics of Anahat Chakra - love, kindness, mercy, security etc.

Organs regulated by Anahat Chakra - heart, lungs, blood pressure etc.

Ailments related to Anahat Chakra - heart diseases, breathing diseases, asthma

Gods related to Anahat Chakra - Goddess Durga, Shri Rama, Sita, Shankar, Parvati

Physical and Emotional ailments of Anahat Chakra

When Anahat Chakra is weak or afflicted it can cause physical troubles like heart diseases, irritation, depression, allergy, asthma, troubles in respiratory system, pain in chest, laziness, lesions on lungs etc.

It can also cause psychological troubles like shouting, fainting, fear, abusive tone, feeling of being neglected, depression, shyness, shame, addictive habits like smoking and troubles in love relationships when it is weak.

This Chakra containing twelve petals is situated in spinal cord behind the sternum. It is analogous to heart. It also regulates the respiratory system along with regulating the functions of heart and lungs. When this Chakra is aroused through Kundalini Yoga, the person becomes extremely self-confident, secure, responsible by character and emotionally stable. Such a person becomes extremely benevolent and popular.

The energy of this Chakra makes a person inclined towards love, kindness and benevolence. Physically, this Chakra is related to transmission, inhaling and exhaling of air and body immunity. The arousal of Anahat Chakra imparts emotional depth in an individual and the expanse of thoughts is broadened. When this Chakra is aroused in a person the sentiments of philanthropy appear in him and he is always enthusiastic to help others. The emotions like spirituality and foresight is also developed on the arousal of this Chakra.



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