Saturn - A Study in Light of Vedic Manthra

Saturn is known as 'Manda' or 'Shani'. Both the names indicate the slow movement of this important and exceptional planet. It is the slowest planet among all the planets and takes about 30 years to complete a full round of the zodiac. It stays in each sign for 2 and 1/ 2 years during its transit.

Saturn is considered dreadful and is said to be 'malefic of malefics'. It is considered to be a reason of troubles, difficulties and hardships. Mythologically, Saturn is the son of Surya. He is completely opposite to his father. While Sun sheds the divine light, Saturn expresses darkness and gloom. Both are bitter enemies. It is evident from the fact that the sign of exaltation and debilitation are opposite to each other. Sun is a fiery planet and Saturn is an airy planet. He is known as the servant in the planetary cabinet. Saturn comes last in the order of natural strength of planets. He is said to possess the least Naisargik bala.

Sadesathi of Saturn

Another unique feature of Saturn is the destruction of various bhavas during its transit. Thus, the period during which Saturn transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd house with respect to the Moon sign in a time period of 7 and 1/ 2 years is known as ‘Sadesathi’ in the North and ' EzaraShani' in the South which means 7 and 1/2 years of Saturn.

This period is full of sorrowful and unhappy experiences for most of the people. It can also leave a mild impact on some natives for whom Saturn is benefic. The periods during which Saturn transits the quadrant from the Moon sign is known as ‘ Kantaka Shani’ period. Also, when Saturn transits through the 8th house from the Moon sign, the period is known as as ‘Ashtama Sani’ period. All these periods are time of miserable experience.

Significance of Saturn

Saturn is also known as the Ayush Karaka. He is an important planet by which the life span, demise and nature of death of an individual is judged. That is why, Hindus pay special offerings to Saturn made of burned sesame seeds in small cloth bags and dipped in gingelly oil. They also fast on Saturdays. Lakhs of people go to Shani temple during the transit of Saturn from one sign to another.

Saturn is a mystery planet and represents laziness, slowness, secrecy, concealment and stealthiness. It is usual that people become grey haired during the Saturn period and the person exhibits an old age attitude.

Benefic effect of Saturn

Saturn bestows fame, integrity, wisdom, authority, patience, ability to lead a long life, sincerity, honesty, love for justice, awareness of right and wrong and spirituality when it is well placed.

Malefic effect of Saturn

He is the cause of misery, sorrow, delay, disputes, dejection, financial loss, and obstruction and makes the natives defensive, nervous and secretive when is malefic.

Saturn - Parts of body

Eyes, bones, nerves, teeth, limbs and body movements are associated with Saturn.


Cancer, fracture, paralysis, arthritis, dyspepsia, numbness, impotence, insanity, windy and phlegm diseases, pain in the legs, fatigue, loss of spirit, stomach disorders, wounds and pain in bones are caused by Saturn.


The natives of Saturn are primarily miners, engineers, geologists, mechanical workers, low quality sculptors and slaughterers.

Saturn has also produced eminent scientists, explorers, freedom fighters, preachers, administrators, parliamentarians and kings.

In a nutshell, the natives under the influence of Saturn have to do hard work whether in service or business. Saturn also represents labour class.


  1. Direction     -       West

  2. Day             -       Saturday

  3. Colour         -       Black

  4. Gem            -       Blue Saphire

  5. Rules           -       No. 8 in astrology.

Vedic Mantra of Saturn

Chanting the following Mantra by Maharishi VedVyasa pacifies Saturn.

“Visanjana sama busam avputhram yama grajam , chaya marthanda sambhootham tham namami Saneescharam”

The following Mantra is also considered very good for planet Saturn. You may choose to recite one of the Mantra which is easy to remember.

Beeja Mantra

‘Om pram preem praum saha Sanaischaraya namaha’.

Gayathri Mantra

“Om Sanaischaraya vidmahe soorya puthraya dhimahi tanno manda prachodayat”.

Recite all these Mantra 108 times on Saturdays. Recite the Mantra 12 times with devotion and dedication if you don’t get time.


Lord Saturn is believed to be an aggressive deity. It is believed to bring good fortune, success in everything and protection when is pacified.

Donate any one of the following things that you can afford on Saturdays.

Black cloth, black gram, sesame seeds, mustard oil etc. The ill effects of Saturn are reduced by donating these things on Saturdays.

We now know that Saturn is a deep acting planet affecting a human being adversely when is afflicted and bestowing prosperity when is pacified.

The importance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology



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    hie,m rabia when i waz young i got to knw shani have grt effect ,i waz in 6 standard that tym n when i waz 18 i got paralysed its been 2 yrz i m on bed and ful of sorow and tension as i am not able to find a way out,plz help me
    By rabia malik | Published 21 August, 2012 00:04:55 AM Reply
    Hi Rabia, saddened to hear your plight but you have not mentioned your date of birth, time of birth and the place of birth to help calculate your lagna and planetary positions.
    By Prajith | Published 08 December, 2012 13:20:13 PM Reply
    Hi Rabia, Start worshiping Lord Krishna from the coming full moon night or the 11th day from that full moon night and enchant this mantra every day atleast 11 times and maximum to 108 times. Procedure: Place with good thought a Nariyal (with water) and tie upon it the red thread and drop some flowers over it and then from that time and day call Sri Krishna as your life saver and I am guaranteeing you HE helps. "'ॐ कृष्ण कृष्ण महाकृष्ण सर्वज्ञ त्वं प्रसीद मे। रमारमण विद्येश विद्यामाशु प्रयच्छ मे॥' Remember .... dont give up just after some time... just do it for the rest of your life......and all happiness will be there. Jai SriKRishna
    By Gulshan T | Published 22 February, 2013 18:24:36 PM Reply
    I lost a job and not working for last two years is it the effect of Sani?
    27th May 1966 @Irinjalakuda,1.41am in Kerala
    By vs | Published 13 December, 2012 16:52:31 PM Reply
    I am Kuldeep dob 12-09-1983 time 10.10 am new delhi pls send me remedey of sade sati.
    By kuldeep | Published 30 December, 2012 15:41:53 PM Reply
    I am Kuldeep dob 12-09-1983 time 10.10 am new delhi pls send me remedey of sade sati.
    By kuldeep | Published 30 December, 2012 15:41:54 PM Reply
    my husband has lost his job and we are facing problems due to it. so please let me know when he will find a good job and please provide a remedy. His date of birth is 27/08/1977 born in Belgaum(karnataka)at 3.30a.m.
    Thanking you,
    By rashmi | Published 01 March, 2013 11:34:23 AM Reply
    Above Vedic Mantra for shani is has spell errors:

    Nilanjana Samabhasam Ravi Putram Yamagrajam Chayya Martand Sambhutam Tavam Namami Sahneshcharam

    Have this corrected, it the web host is reading comments on the articles.
    By Zorawar Singh | Published 19 January, 2014 02:41:14 AM Reply
    Pranam Guruji.
    Name: Rajneesh Ranjan
    DOB: 13th August, 1971, 16:44 Hours, At Bhagalpur Bihar. Now in Mumbai.
    Diabetes, Bloodpressure, Asthma, Lower leg pain, Sexual weakness. But can swim and run and have strong built. Height is 5'11. Marital discord and in court for divorce. Have two daughters. Major problem in Job as not getting recognition and success in Job. Want to find a new job and win the court case. Get married again. If you could please help me with right astro remedies.
    By Rajneesh Ranjan | Published 04 November, 2014 11:43:54 AM Reply
    My name is Nitika Dua. DOB-25.10.1985,8:08 a.m. , Place-New Delhi

    Sir i lost my job thrice in one year. There is no stability in life neither financially nor in personal relations. Please guide something to improve something in life..

    Regards & Thanks
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