Astrology and Career in Sports

Career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress. Career planning is a lifelong process, which includes choosing an occupation, getting a job, growing in our job, possibly changing careers, and eventually retiring.

Sports is one of the adventurous career option.To be a good sportsman or sportswoman, the  feature needed are

  • Energy i.e. physical strength

  • Temperament

  • Success over the rivals i.e. winning attitude

  • Confidence

  • overcome injuries

  • analytical abilities

To achieve this eligibility following  houses and planets that play an important role :

  • Mars the planet of courage and bravery

  • Mercury The planet of intellect

  • Sun - The planet of fame and recognition

  • Third house -The house of courage and bravery

  • 6th house - The house of rivals and opponents and injuries.

If you are looking for career in sports that means you have a prominent Mars or Mars related sign rising in your horoscope. The strength courage and winning attitude can be judged through third and sixth houses in the chart of an individual. Also, the benefic aspect of Mars, Mercury and Rahu in horoscope  is required  for successful career in sports.

Following are the yogas that make a person successful in the sports:

  • The strength in 3rd house of horoscope blesses a person with suitable physical strength required for career in physical sports activities.

  • A strong 6th house in horoscope is required to ensure victory and success in sports related career.

  • 6th house in the chart helps in getting all positive results related to protection from diseases and injuries, victory over enemies.

  • To be victorious over the competitors,  strength of 6th house is must to deliver the positive results.

  • Sports as career required strong placement of Mars and Mercury in the birth chart to judge the level of analytical abilities,

  • Physical fitness and stamina required for successful career in sports is possible through the strong placement of Mars and Mercury.

  • Favorable disposition of Rahu in the chart ensures positive and winning attitude.

  • The strong Sun required to gain name and fame in the particular sport.

Analysis of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’s horoscope

  • Sachin Tendulkar has Virgo as ascendant in the horoscope.

  • 3rd lord Mars is exalted in 5th house .

  • The sixth ruler Saturn is placed in ninth house, the house of fate.

  • 3rd and 6th lords placement in 5th and 9th house respectively is positive for success in sports career

  • Saturn is having its aspect on both 3rd and 6th houses.

  • Mercury is debilitated, hence was not very successful as captain

  • Placement of Rahu in 4th along with Moon gave him a extremely successful cricket career.

  • Rahu Mahadasa started from April 1996 and will remain operational till April 2014.

Analysis of Saurav Ganguly’s horoscope

  • born as Taurus rising, the sign of physical power and piercing intellect.

  • The Moon, lord of 3rd house exalted in the lagna (ascendant) with strong Venus gave him fame as a stylish stroke player.

  • The 6th lord Venus placed strongly in his own sign Taurus which gave hime the strength to dominate his rivals and opponents.

  • The lord of professional house Saturn also placed in the kendra along with exalted Venus and strong Venus that gave him Sports career.

  • Mars placed in the karak house i.e. 3rd with Ketu gave him the courage and strength to face the opponents with complete vigour and bravery.

Analysis of Sania Mirza’s horoscope

  • The exalted Mars in lagna formed Ruchaka yoga. This made Sania very energetic.

  • Lord of 6th house, Mercury, placed in the tenth house gave her winning attitude over her rivals.

  • Placement of 9th lord, Mercury in the 10th formed Rajyoga. She has good analytical abilities.

  • Placement of Rahu in the 3rd house made her courageous and brave.

  • Venus in the 10th house is forming malavya yoga. This Venus gave her beautiful and influential personality.

  • Sun placed in the 10 house gave her fame and international recognition.