Which is more Important While Making a Production-Transition

It has always been a point of debate weather Natives Vishmottari Dasha and Antardasha is more important or present Transitions of the planets .

Gochar phala means the present position and placement of the planets in  different Nakshatra, rashi and degree. Comparing the present Gochar with the birth chart gives the relativity of the planets that decides the Gochar phala.  The relativity of Gochar is compared with the chandra rashi horoscope i.e. the placement of Moon at the time of birth is taken as the 1st house and rest of the positions are judged accordingly.

As per Ashtakvarga, all planets create separate gochar table with respect to the rashi horoscope. for example, the present position of the Sun with respect to the position of all the planets  at the time of birth gives the Sun Gochar Table. In the same way, the Mars Gochar table, Mercury and all planets Gochar Table is prepared as per the requirement.

All tables have their own significance. Sun Gochar table is used to analyze the present status of the natives affairs related to government, state or power. Moon table is to judge the overall good and bed periods during that period. Mars table is used to know about the victory over enemies, court case, Jupiter table for auspicious events. Mercury table for education and intellectual events. Venus for luxury, comforts and travel. Saturn for day to day work and problems related to it.

The various planets also rule the various parts of the body, head and face related predictions are judged by the Sun. Chest and neck related problems is judged by the Moon, for back and stomach Mars, for Nerves Mercury gochar , for waist and thighs it is Jupiter , for information related to private parts it is Venus Gochar , for Calf and Knees it is Saturn Gochar .Rahu and Ketu, the Shadow planets, gives the same result as that of the lord of the rashi they are placed. for example, if placed in Scorpio Rahu will give the gochar phala as Mars.

Sade Saati is also the part of Gochar. It starts when the Saturn transits in the 12th house from the moon in the birth chart and continues for seven and half years till the Saturn traverses in the 2nd house from the Moon in the birth chart.during this period unfavorable dasha and antardasha given more pains and hardships.

If the planets are well placed in the Lagna Horoscope(Natal Chart) and if the planets are placed bad in the transition(Gochar) then the result will not be bad but if the planets are placed well in the Gochar then the reults will be very good. In the same way if the planets are badly disposed in the Natal chart and if in Gochar they are placed well then the results are not beneficial.

If the planet in Gochar reaches to the same rashi and degree where it was placed in the birth chart the result will be positive and beneficial.

On the whole,  the Ashtakvarga is the true amalgamation of Natal chart and Transition chart and the tables formed on this basis gives the most accurate prediction.

Hence, for accurate predictions on the basis of astrology, it is very important to consider the Transitions position of the planets alongwith the natal chart and  dasha and antardashas.. Also, the strength of the planets invloved in the dasha and antardhasha should be carefully checked in the transition. Well placed in Transition will further enhance the resulting effect in their dasha and antardasha but if badly placed will not give good results as expected in their Dasha and antardasha.



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