Tajik Yogas

Tajik writers have made a significant contribution in the Horary Astrology i.e the Prasna Tantra.

Tajik writers apart from the theory of Tajik aspects have given various Yogas.

This brief details of various Yogas are:

Ishkavala Yoga: Placement of Planets in kendras(1,4,7,10)  and Panaparas ( 2, 5, 8, and 11 ) alone, without any planet in 3,6,9,12 produce this yoga.This yoga is favorable leading to gain in wealth.

Induvara Yoga: In this, when all Planets are positioned in 3,6,9,12 (Apoklimas) only then  cause this yoga. This is considered as unfavorable Yoga and leads to disappointments in all undertakings, mental worry and physical ailments.

Ithasala Yoga: This Yoga is caused due to the variation of the speed of the planets moving.for example Saturn is the slowest moving planet while Moon is the fastest.   If the faster planet with less longitude is backward of a slower moving planet with greater longitude, Ithasala Yoga is caused.

Easarapha Yoga: When the faster moving planets is ahead of the slower moving planets by one degree than Easarapha is caused. It is unfavorable

Naktha Yoga: When there is no mutual aspect between 2 planets but a faster planet is in between in both aspects then this yoga is caused.

Yamaya Yoga: When there is no aspect between the 2 lords and the slower moving planet is in between these two lords involved in aspect with them then the slower moving planet will transfer light from the other faster of the two lords to the slower.When two planets are not in mutual aspect but are in Ithasala with a slow-moving planet, then Yamaya Yoga occurs. The result is the object will be fulfilled through a third person.

Manahoo Yoga:When there is an Ithasala between two planets and Saturn and Mars are within the orb of the faster planet giving light, this yoga is caused, the result are unfavorable such as falure, fear from enemies etc.

Kamboola Yoga: When there is Ithasala between two planets and Moon is invloved in it then Kamboola is caused.This produce favorable results

Gairikamboola Yoga: When the Moon is with any other planet whether or not forming a yoga, and when other planet has just entered the sign, the resulting yoga is Gairikamboola.

Raddha Yoga: An Ithasala Yoga becomes Radda Yoga when a planet is in retrogression or in combustion or within the orb of the Sun, the result being a success after much troubles.

Dupharikoota Yoga: A slow-moving planet when  exalted, occupying own house or otherwise auspicious enters into Ithasala Yoga with a faster moving planet not in exaltation, own house, etc., the Dupparikutha Yoga is caused, the result is favorable

Duttottadi Yoga: When both the ascendant lord and the significator of an event (i.e., when any two planets) are weak but one of them has an Ithasala when another planets in exaltation, own house, etc., Duttota Yoga is caused. the result is success through the help of another person.

Thambeera Yoga: When a faster planet strongly disposed at the end of a sign is about to form Ithasala with a slow-moving planet  in the next sign. Thambeera is caused. This yoga favours fulfilment of desires

Kuttha Yoga: If a planet in the ascendant is aspected by a planet occupying a Kendra or Panapara which should be his own or exaltation house, Kuttha is caused. The result is fulfilment of desires.

Darapha Yoga. When a planet in the 6th, 8th or 12th is debilitated or occupies an enemy's house or is retrograde or combust and enters into Ithasala with another planet similarly afflicted, this yoga is caused. such a planet is powerless to give rise to any good results.



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    i wl. undergo all astrology lessons i am basically an astrologer
    By Dr Uma Gupta | Published 16 December, 2012 20:41:58 PM Reply
    i wl. undergo all astrology lessons i am basically an astrologer
    By Dr Uma Gupta | Published 16 December, 2012 20:41:58 PM Reply
    i wl. undergo all astrology lessons i am basically an astrologer
    By Dr Uma Gupta | Published 16 December, 2012 20:41:58 PM Reply

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