Remedy for Mars by Vedic Mantra

Mars is known as Mangal, Ankaraka and Kuja in Vedic astrology. It is a dry and powerful planet and is  malefic.

Characteristics of Mars

It is also a fiery planet. It is an indicator of co borns, assertion, executive ability, earnestness, self confidence, military endeavours, amicable ability and desire to lead everything. These are the characteristics of Mars. So, the person with strong and favourable Mars have all the characteristics stated above. Power of Mars helps not only in good purposes but also enables the power for destructive purposes.


Mars is most powerful in 10th house. It is benefic for Cancer & Leo ascendant.


The gem of Mars is red coral, his direction is south and his day is Tuesday.

Significance of Mars being Strong

Strong Mars in a person’s Kundali exhibits energy, ability to withstand anything, courage, adventure, boldness, resourcefulness, capacity for argument, body power, organising capacity, independence, not accepting defeat, intermittent impulses of sorrow, despair and happiness, not worrying about future, non belief in customs, very open behaviour and brilliance in war matters etc.

Significance of Mars being Weak

It results in anger, thoughtlessness, cruelty, addiction to liquor, forcing others, wickedness, unnatural sexual tendencies and lack of common sense.

Taking birth in Sign of Mars

One has to be cautious in dealing with the people those are born in Mars sign or with strong Mars since they are vengeful. They do not like advice of others and they would not like to work under anyone.

Body parts related to Mars

Left ear, face, head, tongue, nose, uterus, waist, kidneys, anus, colon, menstrual system are all related to Mars.

Diseases caused by Mars

All types of fever, small pox, mumps, bleeding, abortion, hernia, ulcers and muscle weakness are caused by Mars.

Employment related to Mars

Whenever Mars is strong then the person will be employed in army, naval, air force, military hospital, etc. The combination of Mars & Saturn will indicate jobs in mines or employment involved with dead bodies.

Mars for Female

Mars by nature is evil and when it is in malefic position, especially in a female, it is very much dreaded and is called Kuja Dosha.

Prayers as a Remedy

A prayer to this planet frees one from debts, poverty, illness and other problems. Kuja will bestow prosperity and Vahana yoga if prayer for Mars is done. He will restore loss of eyesight. Tuesdays are auspicious for the worship of Angaraka. He loves chanting of Samaveda.

Vedic Mantras for Mars

"Dharanee gharba sambootham, vidhyaat kaanti samaprabham, Kumaram shakthi hastham cha, mangalam pranamamyaham."

Mangal Gayatri

'Om Angarakaaga vidhmahe, bhoomipalaya, dheemahi tham kuja prachodayath.'

Tantrik Mantra

"Om kram kreem krom saha bhaumai namaha"

This mantra is chanted to remove Mangal dosha. All the problems like anger, irritability and high blood pressure are rectified when this mantra is chanted. We should chant the Mantra at least 108 times with faith.


Mars is a very powerful planet and can bestow both good and bad effects. People worry about Manglik Dosha, but there are many ways to overcome it. That is why, we need not fear or worry about Manglik Dosha.

Mars in Vedic Astrology



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