Results of Sun in Different Houses

What kind of results planets give in different houses. Before knowing this, let us revise our previous study. The number of planets is 9 and there are 12 houses in Kundali. The Karaka elements of houses are stable. But, their signs keep changing according to the ascendant.

The results of the dasha of a planet are also influenced by the house in which the planet is situated. Here, we will try to know what kind of results planets give in different houses.

Results of Sun in the Ascendant House
If Sun is situated in the ascendant house in a person Kundali, then the person is egoistic by nature. He is filled with a superiority complex. The person is aggressive. This position of Sun also gives leadership qualities to the person. Sometimes, he demands his rights more than his responsibilities. The presence of Sun in the ascendant house makes the person self-centered.

Results of Sun in Second House
Second house is also known as the house of money. The presence of Sun in second house could make the person fickle-minded. His mind may be inclined towards scientific subjects. The person earns money through hard work. He may get entangled in court cases. He may have the habit of disobeying the elders. The person’s health may get reduced. He is likely to face problems related to eyes.

Results of Sun in Third House
The person achieves success in his career only after facing obstacles. He may be proud of his intellectual ability. His relationship with his relatives may not be good. Number of friends may be less. The person is wealthy and courageous.

Results of Sun in Fourth House
The person with Sun in fourth house in his Kundali is heartless. He is also selfish by nature. He may also deceive others to go ahead. He may suffer from the disorders of blood pressure. The person may own property as an heir.

Results of Sun in Fifth House
The person respects and cares his elders. His intellectual ability is good. He also has policy-making skills.

Results of Sun in Sixth House
The person has good administrative skills. He is courageous. He is not able to maintain a good relationship with his relatives. He achieves success only after hard work.

Results of Sun in Seventh House
The person tries to trouble his partners. His married life lacks peace and happiness. His life partner is highly ambitious.

Results of Sun in Eighth House
The person has a slim body. He often suffers from disorders related to eyesight. Auspicious events in his life are lesser. He may have interest in learning secret arts. He may not live long. He is more inclined towards spirituality.

Results of Sun in Ninth House
The people with Sun in ninth house in their Kundali have a special respect for their elders. They are also worried about their elders’ health.

Results of Sun in Tenth House
If Sun is in 10th house, then the person achieves success only after hard work or efforts. The person makes efforts to learn something new. The person with Sun in tenth house in Kundali achieves a high rank in his career. He gives more importance to name and fame.

Results of Sun in Eleventh House
The person has a long life and he may be wealthy. He is able to work in higher positions. His friends may be influential. The relationship with elder brothers would not be good. He will be able to earn well from less efforts.

Results of Sun in Twelfth House
Sun in 12th house makes the person longeval. He achieves a high post. He may have to stay away from his father. This Yoga is not auspicious for eyesight. Family wealth may get reduced.

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