Calculation of Char Dasha

You should first determine whether the order of Char dasha is clockwise or anti-clockwise. You have been told about the order of a dasha in the previous chapter. The calculation of the order of Char Dasha is different from that of the order of the dasha of signs. In the calculation of the dasha of signs, the counting of six signs is done clockwise and the order of the rest of the six signs is anti-clockwise.

Calculation of a clockwise order

The calculation of the order of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius sign is done anti-clockwise. For instance, if the dasha of Taurus is about to start then the counting of the Mahadasha of Taurus sign will be anti-clockwise which means that the dasha of Aries sign will come after the dasha of Taurus sign. The dasha of Pisces sign will come after the dasha of Aries. The rest of dashas will come in the order as mentioned in previous chapters.

To determine the years for the Mahadasha of the Taurus sign, we will start counting clockwise from Taurus sign till the position of the lord of Taurus sign. For example, if Venus is situated in Scorpio sign, then we will start counting from the position of Taurus sign i.e the 2nd position till the position of Scorpio sign i.e the 8th position. On counting clock-wise from Taurus to Scorpio, we obtain 8. Now, we will subtract one from eight years. We obtain seven on subtracting one from eight. It means that the dasha of Taurus sign will be of seven years.

The order of the dashas in Char dashas is not fixed and hence the years of dasha are different. You should keep in mind that to determine the years for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, we should count from position of the sign to the position of the lord of sign. The order of counting will be clock-wise. You should subtract one year from the year thus obtained.

Calculation of an anti-clockwise order

The order of dasha for Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces will be anti-clockwise. Let us assume that the dasha of Virgo is about to begin. Mercury which is the lord of Virgo sign is present in Capricorn sign. Now, count the position of Capricorn from the position of Virgo. This counting should be done in an anti-clockwise order. The order of counting will be from Virgo sign towards Leo sign. On counting from Virgo to Capricorn, we get nine years. On subtracting one from nine we get eighth years. Therefore, the dasha of Virgo sign will be of eighth years.

Points to be remembered

The subtraction of one year from the dasha obtained after counting is important in both clockwise and anti-clockwise calculation. The counting should be done according to the rules from the sign to the lord of the sign. In Jaimini char dasha the rule for the calculation of Scorpio sign and Aquarius sign is different. In the char dasha of Jaimini, the Scorpio sign is governed by the two planets, Mars and Ketu. Similarly, the Aquarius sign is governed by Rahu and Saturn.

If the lord of a sign is present in its own sign, then the dasha of that sign will be of 12 years and one year will not be subtracted from it.


In Jaimini Char Dasha, the order of Antardashas will be according to the order of Mahadasha. If order of Mahadasha is clockwise, then the order of Antardasha will also be clockwise. If the order of Mahadasha is anti-clockwise, then the order of Antardasha will also be anti-clockwise. The period of Antardasha will be according to the period of Mahadasha. If Mahadasha is of one year, then the Antardasha of all the 12 signs will be of one month. If Mahadasha is of 12 years, then the Antardashas of all the 12 signs will be 12 months which means that the Antardasha of each sign will be of 1 year.



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