Yogas for Profession

We will discuss the Yogas for profession in this chapter. On the basis of these Yogas, one is able to give the answers to the questions very easily. You can apply the general rules of profession in the Prashna Kundli.To study thoroughly you can study the Dashmesha Kundli of Prashna Kundli.The Yogas for profession are follows-:

  1. If the question is related to the job, and  if Dashmesha is in the ascendant, or Lagnesha is in the Dasham at the time of the question, then the person soon gets a job.If the question is related to the promotion then the person soon gets the promotion.
  2. If Dashmesha and Lagnesha are situated together , then the person soon gets achievement.If Dashmesha and Lagnesha forms benefic Ithathshal , then the work easily gets accomplished.The difference of degree in the Ithathshal, depicts the time span in which the person will get a job.
  3. If the planet being Varki is the reason for the questioner leaving the job , then he will get tjat job back when the same planet becomes Margi.
  4. If the person has left the job when the signs in the planet exchanged their positin, then he will be able to get a new job when the planet will change the other sign.
  5. The Nakshatra of the questioner can be matched with the name of the company before starting a job .In this both of them should belong to the same Nadi.

Should one continue with the same job or change it ?

  1. If the Char Lagna aspects benefic, then the person will be satisfied with its job.
  2. If the Char Lagna aspects malefic , then the person will not be satisfied with his second job.
  3. If the Lagna is Sthir and aspects malefic , then the questioner will not be able to change his job, and might have to face difficulty with his current job.
  4. If Sthir Lagna aspects benefic, then the eprson will be satisfied with his current job and will even be promoted.
  5. If the moon forms Ithathshal with Lagnesha at the time of the question, then the person stays in the current job.
  6. If the Moon is in the Saptmesha at the time of the question. Then the person will be changing his job.
  7. If the Moon forms a Ithathshal with Dwiteyesha at the time of the question, then the questioner will stay in the current job.
  8. If Moon forms Ithathshal with Ashtamesha  at the time of the question, then the yoga for a job change is formed. The person will change his job.
  9. If  Saturn aspects fourth house or tenth house , then the person will have to leave his post. The third aspect of Saturn will works towards its removal.
  10. If the question is related to the foreign country and most of the planet in the kundli are in the the Char sign and even those which are seeing , then the person gets success in the foreign country.
  11. If moist of the planets are in Sthir sign , then the person gets success in his home country.
  12. If the ascendant is strong , then the person gets benefits from his current job.If the seventh house is strong then it is beneficial to change the job.
  13. In the question where a person asks whether he will stay in the current job or change it.Then the answers is that, If Char is in Lagna and Char is being Navansha, then the person may lose his current job. Lagnesha being set can also be the reason of losing a job.
  14. If lagnesha or Dashmesha are related to the bottom planets , then the person might lose his job.

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