Jaimini Astrology - Basic Principles

The contribution of two sages in the field of astrology is remarkable. These two sages are sage Parashar and sage Jaimini. Sage Parashar made people aware of Vedic astrology. Sage Jaimini developed a new kind of astrology which is known as Jaimini astrology. He has described 11,000 Sutrams in simple and clear words. These all Sutrams are true in practical world. The simple rules, principles and systems found in his books are found nowhere.

General Principles

Jaimini astrology is totally different from Parashari system of astrology. In Parashari astrology the series of dasha is based on the Nakshatras. There is no significance of Nakshatras in Parashari astrology. In this branch of astrology, importance is given to the signs. We can also say that it is based on signs. Various dashas are mentioned in this branch of astrology. Among all the dashas, the Char dasha, Sthir dasha, Mandook dasha and Navansha dasha are used very frequently. Among these, the Char dasha is used most frequently. In the coming chapters, you will be taught about the Char dasha. Char dasha is a significant dasha in Jaimini astrology.

In this dasha, you will be able to understand the Jaimini Karaka, Sthir Karaka, aspects of the signs, the duration of a dasha, Jaimini Yoga, Karakansha ascendant, Pada or the ascendant present and Up-pada lagna in simple words.

Jaimini Jyotish - Basic Concepts Related to Jaimini Astrology