Meaning and importance of Gupt Navratri

It is mentioned to worship Lord Durga in gupt navratri. These navratras are not for ordinary people, they are primarily concerned with people related to the field of sadhana and tantras. In these days also, nine forms of goddess are worshipped. Like in navratri 9 forms of goddess Durga are worshipped, similarly in gupt navratri nine forms of goddess are worshipped and the seeker asks for blessings and power by performing the pooja.

Mystery behind Gupt Navratri

Goddess Durga is also called as shakti, so in gupt navratri all the different forms of goddess are worshipped. Performing the shakti puja of goddess, relieves the worshipper from all the problems and gives the blessing of victory. Gupt navratri also comes twice just like normal navratri, first in ashada month and then in magh month.

During these Navaratri, the devotee worships to enhance the power of sadhana and tantras. People who believe in sadhna and tantra performs this pooja. The process of puja in these days is same as the normal navratri. Like in chaitra and shardiya navratri, 9 forms of goddess are worshipped, similarly in this navratri 10 forms of goddess are worshipped.

Why does Gupt Navratri occur ?

It is very difficult to worship the goddess in gupt navratri and the puja of the Goddess is also done secretly, that is why these are called as gupt navratri. Akhand jyot is ignited in this puja. Goddess is worshipped both during day and evening time. The people who perform secret sadhna, worships the 10 forms of goddess during this time. Durga saptashati path is recited for 9 days. On the day of ashtami or navami, the fast is considered complete only after worshipping young girls.

Puja process of Gupt Navratri

In gupt navratri a kalash is put in front of Goddess Aadhya shakti at auspicious time, in which barley is kept for growing. On one side of this a kalash is kept with water in it. A raw coconut is kept over it. After kalash sthapana, a akhand jyot is ignited in front of goddess Bhagwati. After that Ganesha puja is performed. Then the puja of Varun dev and Vishnu dev is performed. After that puja of goddess Shiva, sun, moon and all the nine planets is done. After worshipping all the mentioned gods, goddess Bhagwati is worshipped. In the days navratri, fast is observed and along with this durga saptashati and devi path is also recited.

Gupt Navratri and Tantra sadhna,

Pujan of 10 mahavidyas is given importance in gupt navratri. According to Bhagwat, there are 10 mahavidyas which originates from the aggressive and subtle forms of goddess Mahakali. These mahavidyas of Lord Shiva provides accomplishment. 10 mahavidyas are considered as the 10 forms of goddess Durga. Every mahavidya is capable of solving all the problems of her worshipper, by taking different forms. These 10 mahavidyas are considered useful and important in tantra sadhna.

Devi Kaali- This is considered as one of the mahavidyas. Tantriks worship the devi kaali form in tantra sadhna.

Devi Tara- Worshipping goddess Tara is considered as authoritarian for the tantriks.

Maa Tara is pararupa, maha-sundari and artistic and she writes the laws of liberation for everyone.

Maa Lalita- By worshipping maa Lalita, the worshipper receives salvation. According to the south-west rulers, the Goddess Lalita is given the place of Chandi.

Maa Bhuvneshwari- Maa Bhuvneshwari is considered as the owner of the creation of world. She depicts the extreme power. Her mantras are considered to give special power out of all the deities.

Tripur Bhairavi- Maa Tripur Bhairavi is considered to be full of tapogun and rajogun.

Mata Chinnamastika- Maa Chinnamastika is also called as mata Chintapoorni. She relieves the worshipper of all his problems.

Maa Dhoomavati- By worshipping maa Dhoomavati the person gets desirous results. The structure of maa Dhoomavati is very scary, which she has adopted to destroy the enemies.

Maa Baglamukhi- Maa Baglamukhi is considered as the owner of suppression. By worshipping her all the enemies are destroyed and devotee becomes free from all kinds of obstacles.

Devi Matangi- Devi Matangi is considered as the owner of voice and sound. She has the power of entire universe. She gives the desired results to her devotees.

Mata Kamla- Maa Kamla is considered as the symbol of happiness. She is considered as the Goddess of wealth. Those who want material pleasures should consider worshipping mata Kamla.