Sri Nindra Narayana Perumal Temple – Thiruthangal

Sri Nindra Narayana Perumal Temple  is one of the most famous Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is located in Thirukkurungudi , Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. The temple is classified as "Divya Desams". It is the 48th among the 108 Divyadesas

Lord Nindra Narayana is the main deity of this temple.  The Lord is also known as Deiveega Vasudevan and Thiruthangalappan. Goddess of this temple  is also known as Sengamala Thayar, Kamala Mahalakshmi, Anna Nayaki, Ananda Nayaki, Amirtha Nayaki.The idol of the lord can be seen in standing posture with his consort Chengkamala thayar in separate sanctum. The temple has a large gopuram and compound having 5 prakarams which is a closed precincts of a temple. The temple has a 5-tier rajagopuram.

History of Sri Nindra Narayana Perumal Temple

According to the legends, Periya Pirattiyaar pleased Lord Narayana with her strong penance. On being pleased, Lord Narayana granted her a boon that she will become the hamsam of Annapoorani by offering food and shelter to the people of this entire world and will be a combined structure of all the other goddesses - Aanandha Nayaki, Sridevi, Neeladevi and Amirutha Nayaki.

Another tale related to this temple suggests that Chandrakethu, son of Lakshmanan who had observed fast on Ekadasi took oil bath before the commencement of Dwadasi. As a result, he became a puli (tiger). To get relief from this sin he visited this temple to worship Lord Nindra Narayan.

Significance of Sri Nindra Narayana Perumal Temple

People from all around the world visit Nindra Narayana Perumal temple to get relief from their sufferings. Some of the most common boon sought from Lord Narayana are marriage, children, education, wisdom, family prosperity, development in agriculture.

Devotees Tulsi petals, pure dried clothes to goddess mother, give butter bath to the Lord, light lamps in front of the idols. Prasad offered to the Lord known as nivedhana are distributed among the devotees present in the temple. It is said that people who take bath in this theertham can attain salvation after death.