Sri Navaladi Karuppannaswami Temple - Navaladi Karuppannaswami Temple Mohanur

Sri Navaladi Karuppanna Swamy Temple is a famous Hindu Temple in Mohanur, Namakkal District, Tamilnadu. It is popularly known as Navaladian Kovil.The temple is located at the bank of river Cauvery. It is a very popular temple of Tamil Nadu and devotees regularly visit this temple from all over the world.  Karuppannaswami is also known as Navaladian and Judge Durai.

Karuppannaswami is the preceding deity of Sri Navaladi Karuppannaswami Temple. It was built 2000 years back. An  idol of Swayambu Murthy is in a pit inside the temple. There is a dry tree behind the Swayambu called Pattamaram that means a dry tree. It is believed that Chera King Senguttuvan performed a special field puja here before marching on invasion to north. The Chellandiamman shrine in the temple is very popular among devotees.  The temple is noted for its architectural and sculptural beauty.

History of Sri Navaladi Karuppannaswami Temple

As per the legend, Lord Shiva visited earth as a watch God in the form of Sivasakthi, Karuppannaswami. There is also a spot called Uppiliappan Thittu where the god resided and performed meditation.  It is believed, that King of Mohanur, Mohur Pazhayan used to take all the decisions only after praying to Lord Navaladian. He declared the nearby Neem Tree as the Watch Tree of the region. After the invasion of Senguttuvan, the tree became dry. The dry tree was named Pattamarathaian meaning that the tree is dry and since the diety resides near to the dry Naval tree, he is also known as Navaladian.

Significance of Sri Navaladi Karuppannaswami Temple

It is belived that people who visit Sri Navaldi Karuppannaswami temple get relief from the burden of debt, family problems, incurable diseases. The devotees especially seek profitable cattle business, child boon and suitable marriage alliances by worshipping Lord Karuppannaswami.  Here people do not simply come, pray and go. They submit their prayers to Lord Karuppannaswami in writing. They state all their grievances in a petition just like an official appeal and tie them in the Pattamaram tree in the temple. The devotees have the privilege to speak face to face with the deity.

A special puja is held in the midnight called 'Sathya Puja'. It is considered very important by the devotees. People comes from far away regions to attend this special puja and worship for a prosperous and content life. People sacrifice sheep and cocks and offer it to Karuppannaswami

Mariamman festival is grandly celebrated for 10 days in  the Phalguni month (March-April) . During Chaitra month (April-May) Kaliamman festival is celebrated for 8 continues days. The temple is hugely crowded during these festivals.