Magha Shradh 2023 : What is Magha Nakshatra Shradh

Magha Nakshatra is the tenth constellation in astrology. The presiding deity of Magha Nakshatra is Pitar. Ketu is considered the Lord of Magha Nakshatra. Therefore, the presence of this Nakshatra during Shraddha time is very auspicious. Due to the connection of Magha Nakshatra with Pitar and Ketu, the Shradh performed at the time of this Nakshatra is very effective.

The Tarpan work done at this time for the ancestors reaches the fathers without any disruption and delay. Shraddha rituals are performed in many ways. This is one of the major Karmas one must do. If there is Pitradosh in the horoscope, then it is very important to perform Shraddha to remove it.

Magha Nakshatra Time

Magha Nakshatra will be on Tuesday October 10, 2023. It will also be known as Magha shradh due to the presence of Amavasya Tithi during Magha Nakshatra.

Magha Nakshatra starts - October 09, 2023 at 29:45

Magha Nakshatra ends - October 11, 2023 at 08:45

Shradh is performed for the ancestors. In this, Pind Daan is done for the ancestors. Food is given to Brahmins and charity etc. is done. It all comes under Shraddha rituals. By the way, Shraddha rituals are done in Amavasya, Shraddha Paksha, Sankranti, the death Tithi of ancestors, etc. Normally, Shraddha rituals are done mainly during Amavasya Tithi or in Pitru Paksha.

The period of Pitru Paksha comes during Ashwin month and Pitra rituals are observed in this month. By performing Shraddha rituals, one's ancestors are satisfied and blessings are obtained.

Freedom from Pitruruna and Pitra Dosh

Pitrurana means a loan of ancestors. This loan is a loan that our ancestors would have taken in their lifetime. There are several types of Pitrurana. When our ancestors are not able to fulfill their loan obligations it gets converted into Pitradosh Dosha for us. If Pitradosh is formed in the horoscope of a person, then such a person will have to bear discord in life, it will impact progeny and also economic growth. The person will run into obstacles while doing any auspicious task. There will be no progress either in the job or in business.

Pitrabadha Dosha is also a type of Dosha. In this case, the plants, Nakshatras may be well placed, there may also not be Vastu Dosha but if there is a likelihood of sudden misery or lack of money, then this Dosha is called Pitrubadha Dosha

Magha Nakshatra is an extremely important time for performing Shraddh to avoid these defects. The ancestral work done in this constellation gives peace to the ancestors. In Ashwin Krishna Paksha, It is believed that ancestors dominate the Lunar world in Ashwin Krishna Paksha and they come on earth during this period.

Shradh rituals are done during the time when the Sun transits Virgo in the Ashwin month. It is believed that ancestors visit their clan and Shraddha Karma is done to satisfy them. These rituals bring peace to the ancestors. When the ancestors are happy, they bless the lineage with happiness and prosperity. If people do not perform Shraddha Karma and Tarpan for the salvation and peace of their forefathers, then they have to suffer and many troubles arise in their life.

How to do Magha Shradh

The forthcoming Magha Nakshatra in Ashwin month is very important for ancestors i.e. to perform Shradh rituals for ancestors. Normally, a Shradh ritual is performed on the death date of the forefathers. But if Magha Nakshatra falls on any day in the Shradh period then this day is particularly special. According to this, one should worship with sesame, Kusha, flower, Akshat, pure water or Ganges water.

After Pind Daan and Tarpan, Bhramins should be served meals. Along with this donation of fruits, clothes, Dakshina and charity work also leads to freedom from Pitra Dosha. Magha Shraddha is a Vedic deed and should be performed with full devotion and devotion.

When all the Shraddh rituals are done perfectly by following all the necessary obligations, it brings a lot of peace to the souls of the forefathers. If for some reason a person is not aware of the death Tithi of their forefathers then the Magha Nakshatra period is good for Pitrudosha Shanti. During Shradh period one must make Kheer and serve it to the forefathers. This can lead to freedom from Pitru Dosha.

No new and Mangal works are done in Magha Nakshatra. People who do not perform Shraadh for their forefathers are not able to get rid of Pitruruna, as a result, they have to suffer from Pitra Dosha. Therefore, it is said Shraddha must be done whatever maybe your abilities.

Things to keep in mind during Shradh

  • Shradh rituals should be done on the death Tithi of the expired person.
  • Milk, barley, rice, black sesame etc. should be offered into a flowing river.
  • Ganga water should be used for the purpose of Tarpan.
  • Pind which is used in Pinddaan for forefathers is made from cooked rice, milk and black sesame. This Pind represents the body.
  • If for some reason one is not able to carry out the Pinddaan ritual, then it is considered best to donate food, money or food to a Brahmin or a poor person.
  • If you are unable to perform Shraddha due to lack of any reason or means, then you can take a bath in a holy river and offer black sesame in water as Tarpan in the name of your forefathers.
  • Cows should be fed in memory of ancestors.
  • Offering water on a peepal tree and lighting an oil lamp is also considered to be good for forefathers.