What is Pradosh Vrat & how many are there?

Pradosh Vrat basically depicts the form of Lord Shiva. This fast is observed to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. Pradosh fast is observed on Shukla Paksha & Krishna Paksha Trayodashi Tithi every month. The glory of Pradosh Vrat is extremely impressive for everyone. The importance of this fast is compared to the ‘Paras’ in a bundle of pearls. Whoever observes this fast, all the troubles & sorrows of that person’s life are removed.

Pradosh Vrat Katha

Many stories are famous with respect to Pradosh Vrat, out of which according to one story, when Moon is cursed by ‘Kshaya Roga ’ disease, his light starts decreasing due to its impact. In order to get relief, Lord Moon asks Lord Shiva to help him. In such a way, Lord Shiva ends his sufferings and gives him freedom from curse. The day on which this happened was Trayodashi Tithi, the day on which he again got life that’s why it is called ‘Pradosh’.

There are two Pradosh Vrats in every month, one is in Shukla Paksha & other is in Krishna Paksha. Trayodashi is also called ‘Teras’. On this day ‘Pradosh Vrat’ is observed. Fast & Jagran should be performed in Pradosh Kaal. It helps in getting relief from all the troubles.

Puja Vidhi of Pradosh Vrat

The person who is observing Pradosh Vrat should follow, purity, Satvikta, and Brahmacharya from Dwadashi Tithi. Next day, after taking a bath, the devotee should worship Lord Shiva. ‘Jalabhishek’ should be performed on Shivling and ‘Om Namah Shivay’ mantra should be recited. If fasting can be observed, then the devotee should stay hungry the whole day and after that bath should be taken after sunset and Lord Shiva should be worshipped.

Puja can be performed at home or in Mandir. The devotee should be seated facing north or east direction and Lord Shiva should be worshipped with flowers, Belpatra, Panchamrit, Akshat, Bhang, Datura, Safed Chandan, milk, Dhoop etc. ‘Jalabhishek’ should be performed & Shiva mantra & Shiva Chalisa should be recited. After Aarti & Bhajan, Prasad should be offered to the lord and then it can be distributed amongst others. After performing the Puja, food should be offered to the Brahmins and then Dakshina should be given while taking their blessings.

Importance of Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat is offered on the Trayodashi Tithi of both the Pakshas every month. Along with this, if this fast is observed on some special day, then this coincidence becomes more important. Out of all this, if it is observed on Monday then it is known as ‘Som Pradosh Vrat’. Pradosh Vrat on Tuesday is known as ‘Bhom Pradosh Vrat’. Pradosh Vrat on Saturday is known as ‘Shani Pradosh Vrat’ and that on Sunday is known as ‘Ravi Pradosh Vrat’. Due to this every Pradosh Vrat has it’s importance according to the day. But on some days it’s importance all the more increases.

Lets learn about which Pradosh Vrat falls on which day and what is its importance.

Som Pradosh Vrat

Monday is considered as the day of Lord Shiva & Moon, so Pradosh Vrat on this day holds great importance and gives auspicious results. It’s like an icing on the cake. When Trayodashi Tithi falls on a Monday, then by observing Pradosh Vrat on this day gives mental happiness to the devotee. If the Moon is weak in the horoscope, then by observing fast on this day helps in getting relief from this situation. Good luck & happiness of family is attained.

Bhom Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat on Tuesday depicts the arrival of a child and it gives relief from the troubles arising from Mangal Dosha. Health related problems are resolved by observing fast on this day. Anger is curtailed and patience is achieved. Financial losses are removed by observing Pradosh Vrat properly and if someone is suffering from loans then that problem is solved. Bhom Pradosh Vrat is highly beneficial for those who are suffering from blood related problems.

Budh Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat on Wednesday is called Saumya Pradosh, Somyavara Pradosh and Budha Pradosh. Intellectuality is increased by observing fast on this day. Speech becomes melodious. For those people who have trouble in the horoscope due to Mercury planet, or any disorder of Vani Dosh etc., then for them, they get auspicious benefits by performing Pradosh Vrat on Wednesday. They get the auspiciousness of Mercury. If young kids are not able to concentrate on their studies, then parents should observe Budh Pradosh Vrat as it is considered beneficial.

Guru Pradosh Vrat

If Pradosh Vrat falls on Thursday, then the devotee can get the auspicious results of Jupiter. Fast on this day is compared to the blessings of the elderly which helps the native in bearing the child an attain prosperity. It makes a person knowledgeable and gives spiritual consciousness.

Shukra Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat on Friday is called Bhriguvara Pradosh Vrat. Financial problems are solved by observing fast on this day. The native attains prosperity & auspiciousness in life. By observing this fast, there is an increase in good luck and love is attained.

Shani Pradosh Vrat

When Trayodashi Tithi falls on Saturday then it is called Shani Pradosh Vrat. By observing fast on this day, the native gets the blessings of Shani Dev. The native also gets relief from Shani Dosh or Shani Sadesati or Dhaiya. Sins are destroyed by observing Shani Pradosh Vrat.One gets the grace of Shani Maharaja, who gives the benefits according to our actions. To get profits in work and business, Shani Pradosh Vrat is highly influential.

Ravi Pradosh Vrat

Trayodashi Tithi on Sunday is observed as Ravi Pradosh Vrat. This day is known as Bhanuvara Pradosh Vrat. On this day worshipping both Lord Shiva & Surya Deva is considered extremely auspicious. One gets fame & name by observing this fast. One also gets benefits from state & government. If for any reason one is witnessing problems from government or separation from father or decrease in happiness then by observing Ravi Pradosh Vrat happiness can be achieved. If there are Sun related problems in the horoscope, then it can be resolved by observing Ravi Pradosh Vrat.