According To Astrology What Is Kharmas

What is Kharmas?

Kharmas in not considered auspicious for any form of auspicious tasks, especially marriage. For this reason, it is believed that marriage should be avoided in this period. Let us understand what is the month of Khar. The period of Sun's transit in Sagittarius is called Kharmas or Khar month. The beginning of Khar month starts from the middle of December and lasts till the middle of January.

During this period of Sankranti the element of fire is at its peak. This time is useful for activities that involve debates. Changes are also seen in the climate, nature and behavior of human beings in this phase.

Surya Sankranti

The Sun transits the zodiac every month. The period of Sun’s transit from one zodiac to another is called Surya Sankranti. When the Sun enters Sagittarius from Scorpio, the period of transit is called Dhanu Sankranti. Dhanu Sankranti is also called Kharmas Sankranti.

Importance of Kharmas

Sun and Sagittarius both are fire elements. Sun’s transit in Sagittarius leads to the combination of two fiery elements. This leads to an increase in fire element all over. Sagittarius is the core sign of planet Jupiter and when Sun coincides with this sign, its effect is seen on everyone.

Mythological Legends

There is also a mythological opinion in context with Kharmas. According to one story, when the Sun God was riding on his chariot revolving the universe, the chariot horses got distraught with thirst. The Sun God was sad to see the condition of the horses. However, he was helpless as the chariot could not be stopped.

Along the way, they see a pond of water near which two Khars i.e. donkeys were standing. The Sun God finds a way to relieve his horses. He unstraps his horses and straps the two donkeys to his chariot. The donkeys then complete the next round of the universe. When the Sun God reaches the same spot again the Sun God straps his horses back and relieves the donkeys. The horses were able to quench their thirst. For this reason, this month was named Khar Maas.

In this way, Khars travel throughout the month of Pausha at their slow pace and the Sun's intensity becomes very weak in this month, the effect of the Sun in the northern hemisphere of the earth is weakened during the whole month of Pausha.

Astrological Reason

Malamas also occurs due to Sagittarius Sankranti of Sun. The presence of Sun in Sagittarius and Pisces signs are not considered auspicious for the Sun. The main reason for this is that the Sun is in a weak state in the zodiac signs of Jupiter. Twice a year, the Sun transits in the zodiac signs of Jupiter. First is the Dhanu Sankranti from 16 December to 15 January and the second in the Pisces Sankranti from 14 March to 13 April. Marriage, Yagyopaveet, ear piercing, housewarming, Vastu are some activities which are not done during these months. Devotionals songs are sung in this period.

Tasks that are prohibited in Khar month

  • Khar month is not considered auspicious time according to astrological calculations. There is an excess of anger and rage in Khar month and during this time, mental restlessness is also seen with contradictions and ideological differences.

  • It is forbidden to do some auspicious works at this time. It is advisable to not get married in Kharmas. At this time, there can be a lack of sweetness and happiness in the marriage due to some or the other reason.

  • Buying any house, purchasing any property etc. during this Khar month is not considered auspicious. One should also not buy a new vehicle during this month. If any vehicle etc. is purchased at this time, then problems related to the vehicle can cause stress.

  • Work to be done in Khar month

  • Sun God transit in Jupiter’s sign makes it ideal to worship Lord Sun in this period. At this time it is considered best to do chant Mantras and perform various rituals.

  • Performing Shradh for fathers and forefathers during this time is also considered favorable.

  • Donation is said to be auspicious in this month. Especially donation of water is considered very important during Khar month.

  • Bathing in holy rivers also holds great importance. Bathing during Brahma Muhurta is considered to be very useful for the body.