Jyeshtha Adhikmas Purnima Pujan

According to hindu almanac, jyeshtha mas is the third month in the almanac. It has been mentioned, that in this month the person should worship river Ganga and should also bathe in it. The main festivals that come in this month are Ganga Dussehra, jyeshtha shukla ekadashi and nirjala ekadashi. Jyeshtha is the other name of river Ganga. Ganga has been given the highest place in all the rivers on the basis of its properties.

The importance of purnima in this month increases because this jyeshtha is the adhikmas. The person who worships in this month receives happiness, good luck, wealth and children. According to astrology, the person who donates and worship lord Vishnu on the saptami of krishna paksha, in kritika nakshatra, receives special benefits.

Satyanarayan katha and Pujan

On the day of purnima in jyeshtha adhikmas, it is advised to recite lord Satyanarayan katha. In lord Vishnu puja, banana leaves, panchamrit, betel, paan, sesame (til), moli, roli, kumkum and durva are used. In Satyanarayan puja, panchamrit is prepared by using milk, honey, banana, gangajal, tulsi leaves and dry fruits. Along with this a prasad is also prepared by frying wheat flour and then adding sugar in it. It is then offered as prasad.

After the Satyanarayan katha, their pujan is done, after which aarti of goddess Lakshmi, lord Mahadeva and lord Brahma are performed and then charnamrit is offered as prasad to everyone. On the day of Purnima, it is advised to have a bath in holy river, puddle, well or at home, before sunrise and then perform Vishnu puja. In adhikmas food should be offered to a brahmin and some charity or donation should also be done. The person who have a bath on the day of Jyeshtha adhikmas purnima, receives special grace of lord Vishnu.

Importance of Adhikmas Purnima

The person who adheres to the full moon's fast in Malmas should sleep on the land. They should eat simple and plain food one time in a day. The person who is adhering to the fast should worship lord Vishnu or lord Purushottam with all the rituals and also recite the mantras. They should read Shri Purushottam Mahatmya Katha. They should also recite the texts from Shri Ramayana or Rudrabhishek. Along with this they should also recite Shri Vishnu stotra.

The person should adhere to fast with reverence and devotion on the adhikmas purnima. Puja-path has been give special importance on this day. If the person offers charity in the beginning of malmas, then the person receives special benefits. The person who follows fast and performs puja, reaches directly to the ‘golok’ and gets a place in the feets of lord Krishna.

Fast Udyapan

Bathing, donation and chanting are given utmost importance in this month. After the completion of purnima and fast in this month, the person should offer food to the brahmins and give charity according to their capacity. Apart from this, their is also one more important thing, that the person should recite malmas mahatamay path on a specified time. In this month donating religious and mythological books is also considered beneficial. Donating clothes, food and items made of jaggery and ghee is also considered auspicious. This month is considered very hot, so donating water in this month is considered auspiciou and give good results.