Chaitra Purnima and Hanuman Jayanti (South India)2019

The time is seen to be very different and auspicious on the day of chaitra purnima and Hanuman Jayanti. It is celebrated every year with great devotion and faith. This year, it would be celebrated on 19th April, 2019 that is Friday. On the auspicious occasion of chaitra purnima and hanuman jayanti, there is a legislation of bathing and donating in holy rivers. On the occasion of chaitra purnima and jayanti you must do the path (पाठ) of Ramayana and the religious work like bhajan and kirtan are also done.

Different presumptions about Hanuman Jayanti

In terms of Hanuman jayanti, two topics are very prevalent. The first is that this jayanti is celebrated on the day of Chaitra Shukla purnima. This is in regard to south India. Especially in South India, the festival of Hanuman jayanti is organised on the day of chaitra purnima.

As per the second presumption, this jayanti is celebrated on the day of Kartik krishna chaturthi. In north India, on the day of hanuman jayanti a lot of donations and prayers are done. Therefore, as per both the presumptions hanuman jayanti is celebrated in devotional sense.

Fast method on hanuman Jayanti

In the worshipping of Hanuman ji, you should take great care of celibacy and purity. The people who are fasting should observe the vow of celibacy one night before keeping the fast and should sleep on the ground. Retire from your daily work and get up early in the morning during brahmamuhurta and do the prayer of Rama- sita and Hanuman. You should worship the idol of Hanuman ji. You must offer sindhoor and chola. You must offer the ladoo of jaggery, chana and besan as a prasad.

You should continue to chant the mantra ‘Om Hanumate namah’. On this day you should do the path of Ramayana and Sunderkand and if possible then do the Akhand path of Hanuman chalisa sunderkand. The birthday of Hanuman ji is the ultimate day of virtue for his devotees. On this day, oil and sindur is offered to Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji likes modak a lot, therefore modak should also be offered to them. We will receive the grace of Hanuman ji if we do the path (पाठ)  of Hanuman chalisa, Hanuman Ashtak, Bajrang vadh and Ramayana on Hanuman Jayanti.

The story of Hanuman's Birth

There is a legend about Hanuman ji’s birth that goddess Anjani and Kesari had no children. Being upset about this they went to Matang Muni. According to the instructions of the muni, did tapasya by drinking only air. Being pleased with their devotion, the lord of air blessed them with a boy. At the same time, dashrath ji of Ayodhya was also performing sacrificial rites along with their wives in order to be blessed by a baby boy.

The fruits that were received during this was divided between the three wives. A bird moved with a part of this fruit to the place where Anjani and Kesari were worshipping. The bird dropped a fraction of this fruit in the hands of Anjani. Anjani became pregnant by eating this fruit and on the day of Chaitra shukla navami tithi, as per the blessings of Vayu dev, Hanuman ji was born.