Varuthini Ekadashi - Varuthini Ekadashi 2019

In 2019, Varuthini Ekadashi will be observed on 30th April . This fast is observed on the Vaishakh Krishna Paksha. According to a legend mentioned in Padhya Purana, when Yudhishthira asks Lord Krishna about the significance of observing Varuthini Ekadashi, he answered that by observing this fast  the devotee attains a place in dharmraj lok and parlok (heaven). By observing this fast the person gets blessed with  desirable fruits and gets relief from all sins of life.

It is believed, The results of observing Varuthini Ekadashi fast are equivalent to performing a hard penance. The rituals to observe this fast begins from dashmi tithi only. Person should wake up early in the morning and complete his routine work like bathing etc., on the day of fast. Then, the resolution of fast is taken while worshipping Lord Vishnu. After performing the puja, the observer should do jagran and sings devotional songs in the glory of Shri Hari.

Significance of Varuthini Ekadashi

As per the legends, Once, there ruled a king named Mandhata. He was a very famous ruler of his times and was considered to be one of the wisest and kind person on earth. He was married to Yadav Naresh Shah Bindu's daughter, Bindumati. With her he had three sons Muchkund, Ambrisha and Puru Kutsa and 50 daughters. All of his daughters were married together to Saubhari saint.

One day, while he was meditating, a wild bear make and started chewing his leg. After some time, the bear dragged the king into the woods. Then the king did not break the rule of meditation and starting praying Lord Vishnu instead of getting angry. Lord Vishnu appeared at that place.

Lord killed the bear with his Chakra. King was very upset since, the bear ate his leg. Lord asked his to go to Mathura and worship his Varaha incarnation on Varuthini Ekadashi. Lord told him, that by the result of this fast, he would get back his organ. So, the king observed this fast with full devotion and got back his organ.

By observing this fast, people in grief attain happiness. Doors of heaven are opened for the king. The fruit of this fast is equal to the results of making donation on the day of solar eclipse. Fasting on this day, gives a person happiness on earth and even after death. And, at last the person gets salvation.