Worshipping Goddess Skandmata - Fifth Day of Navratri - Chaitra Navratri 2019

Skandmata is the fifth manifestation of goddess Durga. Goddess Skandmata is  worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. In 2019, goddess Skandmata will be worshipped on 10 April, The devotees who worship her with full faith and devotion get immense love and affection from the goddess. Her worshipping is very fruitful and give desired results.

Goddess Skandmata is the deity of the solar system. A supernatural aura in the atmosphere is discharged by the goddess and purifies the soul of those who worship her with full devotion and faith. By worshiping the goddess in the form of Skandamata, the devotee gets all his desires fulfilled and tastes the supreme joy even in this very mortal world. She is also known as Padamasani and Vidyavahini.

Ya devi Sarvabhuteshu Ma Skandmata Rupena Sasthita |
Namasteseya Namastaseya Namastaseya Namoh Namah ||

Historical Significance of Goddess Skandmata

Devi Skandmata is herself the daughter of Himalaya and is also known as Parvati.  She is also known as Maheshwari and Gauri. Being the daughter of the king of mountains, she is also known as Parvati.  She is the wife of Lord Mahadeva and hence is called Maheshwari. She belongs to Gaur Varana and that is why is named as Devi Gauri. The goddess loves her son very much and is pleased to be named after her son’s name

She is the mother of Lod Skand Kumar (Kartikeya) and thus known as Skandmata. The mother of lord Kartikeya is worshipped on the fifth day of the Navratra. Lord Kartikeya is also knows as Skand Kumar or Sant Kumar in various scriptures. The goddess can be seen showering her motherly blessings on her son Skand Kumar. The goddess possesses four arms and is seated on a lotus.

Whenever the oppression by the demons increases, goddess Skandmata rides on a lion and kills them. Devi Skandmata has four arms. She holds lotus in two hands and uses the other hand to support Lord Kartikeya sitting on her lap. Her fourth hand is raised to bless the devotees.

Worshipping Goddess Skandmata

The devotee should perform the puja with rituals as mentioned in ancient scriptures. He should be seated on a sacred seat on a blanket while performing the rituals and start worshipping the goddess as he has done in the first four days of the Navratra followed by chanting the given mantra.

Worship the goddess according to the Panchopkar ritual. Lord Shiva and Brahmaji are also worshipped along with the goddess on this day. Devotees who worship goddess Skandmata with devotion and fervor gets blessings from her and gets all wishes fulfilled. The person gets relief from all kinds of ailments like cough, cold, etc. People who are suffering from serious problems or diseases should offer Alsi to the goddess while worshipping her and eat it himself after the Pooja as a Prasada.