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Putrada Ekadashi Fast - Putrada Ekadashi Fast 2017 - Putrada Ekadasi Vrat

In the year 2017, Putrada Ekadashi fast will be observed on 8 January. According to the Hindu calendar, Putrada Ekadashi fast is observed every year on Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha, Paush month. Lord Narayana is worshiped on this day. After taking bath early in the morning and completing daily work, clean clothes are worn and Lord Hari is worshiped.

Putrada Ekadashi Fast Pujan

The idol of Lord Narayana is bathed with Panchamrit and worshiped with incense stick and small lamp(deepak). After this, a person, as per his capacity, offers flowers, fruits, coconut, betel leaf, betel nut, clove, berries, Amla etc. to the Lord. After observing fast for the whole day, Katha is heard in the evening and fruits are eaten. Gifting lamps(deep) on this day is considered auspicious

Putrada Ekadashi Fast Katha

In the ancient time, Sukentumaan was the king of Bhadravati Puri. Even after many years of marriage, they did not had any child. Both king and his queen were tensed and lived in depression. King was tensed thinking, “who will give fire and cremate his body after his death?”. Father of the king was also worried about the predecessor and the Tarpan and Pind Daan after his death.

Once, in this depression king went to the jungle on his horse. He moved to the dense forest and started hearing voices of different animals. While moving in the forest, the king felt thirsty. In search of water he moved deep inside the forest where he saw a lake. Near the water body he saw the Ashram of Sages. Here some Munis were studying Vedas. King came down from his horse and drank water from the lake. His left eye started fluttering. King thought of this as an indication of something good. King bowed to each Rishi one after the other. The Sages were pleased by the king and blessed him. Then, the king asked their reason for gathering. Rishis replied, “we are Vishva Deva and we came near the lake to have a bath. After five days the Magh month bath will start.Today is Putrada Ekadashi and people who will observe this fast will conceive a child.”

Listening this, king Sukentumaan asked the Vishva Devas to bestow him with the blessing of having a son. Muni said “today is Putrada Ekadashi. Observe this fast and worship Lord Narayana”. As told by Rishi, King observed the vrata and performed all the rituals in a proper manner. After conclusion of the vrata the king gave salutation to all the Rishis and went back to his kingdom. After sometimes queen became pregnant and gave birth to a tender bodied son. Later on he became a great warrior and a good ruler.

Significance of Putrada Ekadashi Fast

The fruits of those fast are similar to that of its name. Those who face obstacles in having a child are blessed with a son. A person who hears and follows the greatness of this fast gets all his desires fulfilled and attains salvation after his death.

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