Lohri 2022 - Lohri Festival Celebration

Lohri is a festival of joy and is a symbol of prosperity. Farmers celebrate this day with enthusiasm and joy after harvesting their crops.  Lohri is a festival of thanking nature, and, the spark of joy is different when it is celebrated in Punjab and Haryana. Lohri is not just limited to Punjab and instead celebrated in every part of the country with immense joy and enthusiasm. According to Hindu Panchang, the celebrated of Lohri begins on the day of Makar sankranti. In 2022, Lohri will be celebrated on 13th January. Makar Sankranti is a way or synonym to thank for this blessing. Without the presence of nature, we can not live even for a moment

Beliefs Related To Lohri Festival

There are various beliefs related to the celebration of Lohri. Some people visit different houses in their neighbourhood and ask for Lohri. At some places people also sing songs of Dulla bhatti. Dulla bhatti was a dacoit, but was against female trafficking. He used to save such girls who have been a victim of such a crime and get them married in a decent family. Due to this people used to respect him and remember him till date while singing songs in Lohri celebration. As per the Hindu religion, it is believed that what ever we donate something in fire, it directly reach to our God and ancestors. On the day of Lohdi, the swinging crops from farm are brought home, then it is burnt in fire. Dancing and singing people move around it and do a thanks giving. Here also, there is a different style of worshiping God. Although the festival of Lohri brings in happiness for every class and age people of north India. But, it is particularly special for young men, women and newly married couples. Today, youth, girls and guys, dress up beautifully and organise a competition of signing. With the burning of wood in fire, the newly married couple wish for their happy and peaceful married life. At the places of cultural functions, the preparation of Lohri starts a day before the day of festival.

Celebration of Lohri

The folk songs and dances in the evening of Lohri, make the environment musically beautiful. The fascinating songs, Bhangra and Gidda performed by charming ladies of Punjab to celebrate the joy of the festival. Students in schools and colleges take part in special events organized to celebrate the festival. They sing beautiful songs and perform traditional dances to represent the love towards nature. The echo of Bhangra, fire of woods in the evening and the smell of food items dedicated to fire, binds one village to another and one house to the other. This celebration is carried out till late night. Beats of huge drums, which tire the people people playing it, but the moments and dancing of legs don’t stop and together the taste of Rewdi and peanut is enjoyed the whole night. The color of Lohri is dimmed after the first rays of morning.

Commencement of Magh

As the festival of Lohri is celebrated just an evening before Makar Sankranti. The festival has a direct relation with sun entering in Capricorn sign. From the day of Makar Sankranti, the sun enters in Uttarayan resulting in long days. Lohri is celebrated on the last night of the Paush month that represents the onset of Magh month and Uttarayana.