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Remedies for a prosperous life

A lot of remedies have been mentioned in the shastras which lead to a prosperous life. Some principles have been mentioned in Vedas, Upanishads and religious scriptures. Following these principles lead to success, prosperity and happiness. These principles help in the upliftment of oneself and the society. One such principle lies in the concept of Om Prajnanam Brahma. This means that Lord Brahma is the supreme power. He is powerful, strong, intelligent and indestructible. He is the lord of truth, honesty and intelligence.

To understand the concept mentioned above, it is necessary that you have a pure heart. Brahma’s knowledge leads to the path of salvation. It is the source of life which is omnipresent. This knowledge controls our mind and the body. Understanding this knowledge lets us control our mind and pride. It further leads to a better understanding of life and subsequently salvation.

Om Aham Brahmasmi -This means ‘I am Brahma’. When a person understand lord Brahma, he becomes a part of him. This eradicates any gap or space between the lord and the person. Such a person is able to understand the importance of sacrifice and helps others in life. He does not differentiate among people on the basis of language, religion etc.

Om Tatvamasi - This chat explain that the lord is Brahma. Lord Brahma existed even before the creation of Earth or anything else. Even today, he is the one who controls everything from the beginning till the end. Lord Brahma is known as Tatvamasi for the same reason. This explains that every person is the same. There is no difference in one being from another. Lord Brahma resides in every body. But, he is still from it. Lord Brahma is only connected to the soul. He is close as well as far from the whole world.

Om Ayam Atma Brahma -This chat means ‘This soul is Brahma’. Soul is the life source of everything. It is also a form of Lord Brahma which resides in everything and everyone. Lord Brahma is omnipresent and resides in every form.

By understanding these concepts, a person can be free from the circle of life and death. He can assure himself of success and prosperity. These concepts give a new direction to life. This knowledge can be understood through Sadhana and Dhyana. A teacher can preach this knowledge to his students. A person who gains this knowledge is able to attain salvation. This way, a person eradicates the distance between him and god.


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  • kamlamalhotra on 08 June, 2012 16:08:07 PM
    article gyanvardak hai hindi me ho to jyada achha hai

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