Eight major accomplishments or Siddhis - Eight Siddhis - 8 Siddhis

Siddhis means accomplishments and the feeling of being complete. The path to attain Siddhis is very difficult and the one who achieves them can conquer the universe with his powers. Ability to earn unusual skills or powers is known as “Siddhi”. Attaining supernatural powers through mysteriously magical Siddhis, such as psychic vision, ability to reduce or increase one’s body size etc defines the real meaning of “Siddhis”

Many ancient books have described the importance of Siddhis. It is believed that the one who practice these siddhis regularly and with discipline is able to achieve the benefits of them. Siddhis are of two types: apara and para. They represents the prevalence of psychic powers and control of the senses. All kinds of perfect, moderate and vile Siddhis are known as Apara Siddhis. There are eight kinds of primary siddhis. Nothing is impossible for the one who attains these eight siddhis.

The description and significance of siddhis can be found in Markandeya Purana and Brahma Vaivarta Purana - Anima Laghima Garima Prapti Prakamyamahima Tatha - Ishitatva Ch Vashitavach Sarkamavashayita ||

Eight primary Siddhis are as follows:

Anima Siddhi

The ability to become smallest in size is known as Anima Siddhi. By attaining this siddhi the practitioner can reduce one’s body even to the size of an atom or even become invisible. He becomes supernaturally strong and congenial.

Mahima Siddhi

Mahima siddhi is the ability to expand one's body to an infinite large size. By attaining this siddhi the practitioner is able to expand the size of his body larger than the universe. He can attain the power equivalent to god who has created the universe.

Garima Siddhi

The ability to become infinitely heavy is known as Garmia siddhi. The practitioner can make himself as heavy as he desires to be and cannot be moved by anyone or anything.

Laghima Siddhi

The power to become weightless or lighter than air can be achieved from Laghima siddhi. The practitioner can become any creature on this earth and enter into his body after attaining this siddhi.

Prapti Siddhi

The ability to construct anything is known as Prapti siddhi. The practitioner can achieve anything he desired through this siddhi. There is nothing impossible for him to get such as providing water in the deserted area.

Prakamya Siddhi

Prakamya Siddhi is the ability to become whatever the practitioner desires. The thoughts of the person changes drastically and experiences a flow of supernatural energies. By achieving this ability the practitioner is able to do anything he wants. He can fly in the sky or walk on the water.

Ishita Siddhi

Knowing all powers and getting a control over them is known as Ishita Siddhi. The practitioner is able to get control on all the elements of universe and possess absolute lordship. He gets the privilege to  practice lordship on anyone from states to empires. He gets converted into god himself.

Vashita Siddhi

Vashita or Vashikaran is the ability of getting a control on life and death. With the help of this siddhi one attain control over all kinds of  living and non -living things. The one who excels in this siddhi can influence any person on this earth.