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Sri Chhinamastika Jayanti - Chhinamastika Jayanti 2017 - Chinnamasta Jayanti

Out of the ten most worshipped Goddesses, Chhinamastika Mata is considered to be the sixth. In 2017, Chhinamastika Jayanti will be celebrated on 10 May.  Devi Chhinamastika Jayanti is worshipped with a lot of excitement. Devotees worship Mata Chhinamastika in a special way on this day. The place of worship is decorated with colourful lights and flowers. Mantras are chanted and Mata Chhinamastika is worshipped. A lot of devotees from all over the world visit Mata Chhinamastika’s temple to worship her.

Chhinamastika Devi is also known as Mata Chintapurni. Many ancient religious texts talk about Devi’s this form. Markandeya Purana and Shiva Purana completely explain this form of Mata Chhinamastika. According to these, Devi transformed into Chandi to kill the demons.

Mata killed the demons and brought victory to the Devas. But, Ajaya and Vijaya who were Mata’s aides were not satisfied as they wanted more blood. Mata cut her forehead and offered them her blood. Hence, she is known as Mata Chhinamastika.

It is believed that wherever Mata Chinnamastika temple is surrounded by temples of Lord Shiva.  This is a proven fact as this place is also surrounded with Lord Shiva’s temples. Temples like Kaleshwar Mahadev, Muchkund Mahadev and Shivvaadi are present.

Maa Chinnamasta Origin Story

One story about Mata Chinnamastika goes as follows : Devi Bhavani was taking a bath in the Mandakini river. She had two aides with her. These aides felt hungry while taking a bath. They asked Devi Bhavani for some food. Devi Bhavani asked them too wait but they kept insisting.

The aides suddenly said, ‘A mother provides her children with unlimited food’. Devi Bhavani fell for it and cut her own head which fell in her left hand. Three streams of blood came out of her head. Two of these streams were consumed by the aides which satisfied them. The third one was consumed by Devi. Since this day, she came to be known as Mata Chhinamastika.

Importance of Chhinamastika Jayanti

Even before Mata’s Jayanti, arrangements are made. Mata’s place of worship is decorated beautifully, just like a bride. Ma Durga Saptashati Puja is also organized on this day. All the devotees take part in this Puja. Food is also offered to devotees comprising of various dishes. Mata relives a person from all sorts of worries.
All the wishes of Mata’s devotees come true. A Puja for world peace and mankind also takes place in Mata’s temple on this day. This is to make sure that everyone is blessed by Mata Chhinamastika. The temple administration makes various arrangements for the devotees. Many devotees visit Mata’s temple just to see Mata’s pure idol.

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  • Ramesh Kumar M.G on 14 January, 2014 04:12:55 AM
    I would like to know more about Chinnamahastha Devi, and, her mode of worship

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