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2018 - Solar Eclipse Effect on India's Provinces

In this year, 15/16 February, 13 July and 11 August the solar eclipse will not be visible in India. This will be seen in other countries. This year the Lunar eclipse on 31 January , 27/28 July will be visible in India.
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Places Where Solar Eclipse will be Visible

the sun light will start diminishing. At this time, some light waves can be seen in the sky. The lack of sunlight can make birds feel of night.
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Solar Eclipse - When, Why and How it Occurs

Except for India, in other countries Solar Eclipse, has more of scientific importance than spiritual. For scientist, it is not less then a big festival. On this day, scientist get new opportunities for research work.
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Spiritual Importance of Solar Eclipse & Precautions

Solar Eclipse description can be found in our ancient scriptures as well. In ancient times, our ancestors were able to calculate the time period of Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse was not considered auspicious in regards of King and his kingdom’s welfare. The troubles caused by Solar Eclipse are mentioned in our ancient religious books.
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Do’s and Don’t During Solar Eclipse

Whether it is a Solar Eclipse or a lunar Eclipse, the factors of formation remain the same, that is Sun, Moon and Earth. Cause of Moon when there is a blockage in Sun’s light, it is called Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse is formed only for a duration of time, in which Moon covers the Sun and doesn’t let its rays reach the Earth.