Holi 2018, 2nd March

India is a land of festivals. Here, a festival presents a glimpse of different traditions and customs. After the winter season, arrives the spring season when everywhere we can see blossoming of colorful flowers, indicating the arrival of Holi. Holi is a festival of natural beauty.
hola astak

Holashtak begins 23rd February 2018, Friday"

According to the lunar month (Chandra Maas), Purnima of Phagun Maas is celebrated as Holika festival. Holashtak witnesses the arrival of Holi.

Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsane and Bikaner's Unique Holi

Holi is the Festival of colors. Many colors combine together to give a name “Rangotsav” to Holi. As many color that diverse are the styles of playing Holi.
holi colour

How to Protect Skin from Holi Colors

The festival of Holi bring happiness, enthusiasm and rapture on one hand and the problem of taking off colors on the other. In the morning when we start playing Holi, we don’t think, that the color applied on our skin will even go off or not.

Holika Dahan 2018, 1st March

Falgun Poornima on 1st March in Pradosh kaal is the time to perform Holika Dahan. On 1st it will be time of Bhadra Pooch - 16:00 to 17: 05 and Bhadra Mukh from 17: 09 to 18 : 56 . After 19: 40 will be the auspicious time to perform the Holika Dahan . According to the Shastrotak 1st march is considered correct to perform Holika Dahan.

Famous Stories Associated with Holika Dahan

There are many stories linked to Holika Dahan. Out of which, some famous stories are as follows. Stories may be mythological, religious or social, but all have some or the other lessons in them. So, lessons given in natural story form should be put up in our lives.