Jupiter Changing Signs 2013 - Jupiter Transit 2013 - Effect of Jupiter Transit in Gemini in 2013

Jupiter stays in one sign for 12 months and a few days. It can be said that Jupiter remains in one sign for a period of 13 months approximately. In 2013, Jupiter will enter the Gemini sign on 31st May at 6:46 hrs. It will remain in this sign till 17th June, 2014. On 7th November 2013, Jupiter will get retrograde at 10:30 hrs. It will transit in retrograde state till 6th March 2014. This transit of Jupiter will be beneficial for some signs and unfavourable for sme. Let’s find out the effect of Jupiter on different signs.

Aries Sign

Jupiter will transit into the third house from Aries. This can result in transfer or change of location. Expenses will exceed your income. You may also have to stay away from your closed ones during this phase. Obstacles are likely to arise. Relationships with friends can go for a toss.

Taurus Sign

Jupiter will transit into the second house from Taurus. This will lead to inclination towards religious activities. You are likely to form relations with high authority and influential people. Second house is the house of wealth thus, you are likely to get good returns in terms of wealth. You might buy a new vehicle this year.

Gemini Sign

Your moon sign is Gemini and Jupiter will transit in this sign throughout the year However, Jupiter will be in the enemy sign which is why you will feel lacked despited of having everything. You may have to do a lot of hard work to earn. You are likely to participate in religious works.

Cancer Sign

Jupiter will transit into the twelfth house from Cancer. It can lead to increased expenses. Expenses are likely to exceed your income. You may have to suffer from obstacles in everything that you do in this year. You are likely to spend money on auspicious works. You might make donations in charitable trusts.

Leo Sign

Jupiter will transit into the eleventh house from Leo. You are likely to get promoted at workplace. You can get monetary benefits from various source, especially through property deals. You are likely to buy a new vehicle. Auspicious ceremonies at home are likely to take place.

Virgo Sign

Jupiter will transit into the tenth house from Virgo Obstacles at workplace are likely to make your upset. You will only get monetary benefits after going through a lot of hardship.

Those who are in business can get a bit of relief after facing some obstacles. Avoid taking any kind of mental stress, otherwise you’ll have to go suffer from health problems.

Libra Sign

Jupiter will transit into the ninth from Libra. You will get success in all the tasks that you will start this year. You are likely to get new opportunities for growth at workplace. This is a very fortunate period for Libra natives. You will feel inclined to religious works and may also get the opportunity to travel to religious destinations.

Scorpio Sign

Jupiter will transit into the eighth house from Scorpio. You may have to suffer from health problems in this phase. Conflicts at family are likely to upset you. Expenses can exceed income. Unnecessary travels are also indicated during this year.

Sagittarius Sign

Jupiter will transit into the seventh house from Sagittarius. You are likely to get wealth benefits in this phase. There is a tendency of buying a new vehicle. If you are planning to undertake any kind of important work then you may have to go through a lot of hardship before you see any results. Those who are single may get good marriage proposals. During the sadha you may even get married.

Capricorn Sign

Jupiter will transit into the sixth house from Capricorn. This is a house of liability, debts, enemies and diseases. Financial problems can trouble you for which you may even need to take loan. Your enemies may try to defeat you. Conflicts with relatives can arise without any solid reason.

Aquarius Sign

Jupiter will transit into the fifth house from Aquarius. It is a favourable month for students. You may get the opportunity to pursue higher education. Those who are unmarried have high chances of getting married in this phase. You will be able to form relations with influential people that is likely to be quite beneficial for you.

Pisces Sign

Jupiter will transit into the fourth house from Pisces. Your luxuries is likely to increase. However, this year you may have to go through certain problems that can lead to mental stress and restlessness. If you drive a vehicle then you should be careful while driving. There are high chances of accidents and injuries in this year.

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