Effects of Transiting Jupiter in 2013 - Effects of Jupiter Transit in 2013

Jupiter transited into Taurus sign on 17th May, 2012 at 09:34. It will stay in the same sign till 4th June, 2013. Jupiter was retrograde from 5th October, 2012 to 30th January, 2013. This way, Jupiter will affect in many different ways. It will be better to analyze the effects of Jupiter after it changes signs on 7th May, 2013.

Usually, Jupiter provides auspicious results when it transits into 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th or 11th house. When Jupiter transits into Taurus sign, Moon will be in Pisces sign. Hence, Gold signs - Taurus, Libra, Pisces. Silver signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius. Bronze - Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn. Iron signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

Jupiter usually stays in one sign for a period of one year. This is more than what Sun, Mercury or Venus spend in a sign. Due to this, a person experiences Jupiter’s effects for a longer period of time. Hence, Jupiter’s transit into different signs is considered to be very important for the native.

Jupiter transits into Aries

The native will receive happiness from his family members, life partner and children. Such a person will get some good opportunities in his profession because of dedication, excitement and calmness. According to Mantreshwar, Svavachan Falam. This mean a person’s word of mouth will turn into reality. Anything he says will happen. Such a person will be interested in defeating his enemies, earning money, donations, charities and living a good life with his family.

Jupiter transits into Taurus

There may be some disputes at work. Your health will be fine. But, you will still be worried. You will be disappointed because you will find it difficult to achieve success even after a lot of efforts. There will be many obstacles in your path towards success. Students will achieve good results because of their efforts.

Jupiter transits into Gemini

You will be able to defeat your enemies. Such a person should not borrow any money. Pending tasks will be completed by the end of this period. You may be worried and afraid of something. There may be some problems with family members. Your confidence may also be affected.

Jupiter transits into Cancer

Your health will be fine. You will also achieve success at work. You will be fortunate during this period and get some good opportunities. Close relatives will be supportive.

Jupiter transits into Leo

During this period, you should control your aggression. Otherwise, there may be some problems because of your rude and aggressive behaviour. You may have to go on an unnecessary journey. There may be some disputes with close relatives.

Jupiter transits into Virgo

You will be respected and famous during this period. You will acquire good clothes, food and wealth. You will be content and happy during this period. You will receive many benefits from politics. However, there may be some problems at work.

Jupiter transits into Libra

Your expenses may rise during this period. This may also affect your social life. Some natives may also be involved in court cases during this period. You will be aggressive and rude. This may even affect your health. There may also be some obstacles at work. You may be unable to achieve success even after making a lot of efforts.

Jupiter transits into Scorpio

You will receive happiness from your life partner and children. You may be promoted, respected and famous during this period. Your close friends will be very supportive. You will be able to overcome all kinds of obstacles with your intelligence and clever nature.

Jupiter transits into Sagittarius

You may be demoted during this period. You may even be disgraced. You may have to go on unwanted journeys. Natives can help their situation by building confidence and improving financial status.

Jupiter transits into Capricorn

You may be promoted during this period. You will receive all kinds of happiness, progress and success. Family members will make you happy. You will also be able to fulfill all kinds of material desires. You will be responsible towards your family. However, there may be some problems at work.

Jupiter transits into Aquarius

There may be some disputes related to land and property. Your financial status may not be very good during this period. Number of enemies may also rise. However, your life partner and children will be supportive and make you happy.

Jupiter transits into Pisces

There may be some problems at work. Your expenses may rise. People related to social work may face a tough time. You will be able to accomplish all kinds of tasks because of a strong mind.

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