Effects of Saturn on Different Signs in 2013

Effects of Saturn on Aries

Saturn will transit into seventh house for Aries sign. Due to the association between Saturn and Ketu, your income will be reduced and expenses will rise. There may be some health problems. You may not want to reveal some problems to others. Your business may also be affected and you may witness a lot of ups and downs. However, you may also receive some monetary benefits from time to time.

Effects of Saturn on Taurus

Saturn’s change of place will be normal for Taurus. Saturn will be exalted in this sign and therefore, decisions related to married life may be taken. You will be able to defeat your enemies. Income will be sufficient for day to day living. Any sort of diseases will be cured. There may be an auspicious function organized in the family. You will spend a lot of exciting moment with your family members.

Effects of Saturn on Gemini

Saturn will be in fifth house in Gemini sign. This will provide intelligence and education. Such a person will achieve success after struggling for a while. You will be able to reduce your expenses in business and profession. Your health may be affected in April. You expenses may also rise during this period. You may also receive some sudden monetary benefits. You may acquire land or property.

Effects of Saturn on Cancer

Saturn’s effect will not be auspicious for people of Cancer sign. Any auspicious results may be delayed. There will be stress and obstacles in life. However, situation will improve in April and May. Mars’ transit will affect your health in the near future. It may also make you more aggressive. There may be stress in the family.

Effects of Saturn on Leo

Due to the presence of Saturn in Leo, you may have to struggle a lot. Your hardwork will help you to achieve success. You need to work hard in order to save money. There may be obstacles in April and May. You will be excited during the month of October. Your financial status will also improve.

Effects of Saturn on Virgo

People of Virgo sign may have to face a lot of obstacles in business. Your mind will be at peace. There may be arguments with family members. You will be unable to control your expenses during this period. In the month of June, you will witness some good moment along with a lot of struggle. You will be able to acquire land, property, education and conveyance.

Effects of Saturn on Libra

Saturn’s sadesati may provide stress to the people of Libra sign. You will receive mixed results related to your personality and health. You may have to face competition at work. However, you will achieve success and monetary benefits at work. You may also be promoted.

Effects of Saturn on Scorpio

People of Scorpio sig will have to work hard this year. Laziness may act as a barrier to success. You should be devoted towards your family. Due to this, your family members will love you. There may be some obstacles at the domestic front. You should take care of your family members’ health. Jupiter’s effect may provide monetary benefits.

Effects of Saturn on Sagittarius

People of Sagittarius sign will face some difficulties. However, they still may be able to earn good income. This year, you may begin something new. You will find some great opportunities to earn money. You will be socially very busy. You will meet a lot of people.

Effects of Saturn on Capricorn

Saturn’s transit may increase problems for people of Capricorn sign. There may be some disputes in the family. You may some receive some sudden benefits in April. You may spend a lot of money on yourself. You may change your business or profession.

Effects of Saturn on Aquarius

People of Aquarius sign will be fortunate. You will be able to see an improvement at work. There may be some health issues which you should care about. There may be some financial problems. You may see a lot of ups and downs because of them. You will have to work hard in order to achieve success. However, you will ultimately achieve success.

Effects of Saturn on Pisces

People of Pisces sign may be burdened with work. Finances will be limited for people of Pisces sign. You may have to struggle a lot. You will be detached from family members. You should keep working hard if you are planning something in business or profession. Results will be positive.


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