Birth Chart

A birth chart is a symbolic representation to determine the position of planets in different houses at the time of a child’s birth. The creation of a Jyotish birth chart begins with the inputs of the birth time, birth date and location of birth. The Year, date, time of birth along with the latitude and longitude of the place of birth are all necessary for the perfect prediction of the natal chart, by the Indian method of Astrology as well as western method of casting horoscope. When a Jyotish astrologer gets these inputs, they can accurately chart all of your life including the past, present and future.

As per the rules of vedic astrology, each planet has been assigned an ownership of particular zodiac sign at a given moment, and it is the interpretation of this placement that provides astrologers with insight into a person’s personality and behavior. Since an astrology chart is based on facts i.e the actual positions of heavenly bodies at a certain time it is also known as astronomical study.

As per astrology, a natal chart is a conventional map of the universe with respect to the individual at the centre. The other alternative names given to the birth chart are horoscope, natal chart, ascendant chart, Lagna chart etc. This Natal chart shows the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and potentially other celestial objects, all with reference to the native’s chart.

A Birth Chart is a chart indicating the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets in relation to the earth and to the Zodiac for any given moment of time. Before casting a horoscope, it is very important to know the exact time of birth as accurately as possible. A slight difference may alter the entire character of the horoscope. The birth chart helps us to see our future so that we can plan for each of our life events that are predicted and also benefit from remedies that may help us prevent some of the negative experiences that are due to us in the future.

In the Western method, the birth chart represents the earth and the outer circle represents the space of the heavens which is divided into 12 equal sections called houses. The line that divides one house with another is called the cusp. The first house begins with the horizontal line on the left side of the circle. The Cusp of the 1st house is called the ascendant as the Sun, Moon, and other seven planets from this point on ascend. However, the birth chart casted in western method can be converted to the Indian System also.


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