Astrological Calculations - Vedic Astrological Calculations

In this article, we will tell you about astrological calculations. Calculation of times and degrees is done for three basic purposes.

  • Planet Positions
  • House Axes
  • House system adjustments for new places of living

In order to carry out astrological calculations. you need your birth data. This article will explain how you can make various astrological calculations related to the above mentioned subjects.

Planet Positions

The first thing that you need to check out is the Global time zone in which your birth has taken place. Each time zone has a Prime meridian, the longitude on which that specific time zone is precise by hour and minute. Prime Meridians start from 00º00' (GMT) on, then every 15º east or west. Position of the planets are recorded in accordance with GMT Prime Meridian on 00º00'.

In case a person is born on 00º00', he does not need any astrological calculation. This is because such a person’s birth time is the local time too.

In case a person is not born on 00º00', he will first have to calculate the local time. So, if you are not born precisely on a Prime Meridian, your birth time will have actually been a couple of minutes before or after the official time.

If your birthplace is east of your Time Zones Prime Meridian, you need to add 4 minutes for every degree in distance (24 hours divided by 360º = 4 min.).

If your birthplace is west of your Time Zones Prime Meridian, you have to subtract 4 minutes for every degree in distance.

House Axes

In order to make astrological calculations associated with House Axes, you have to calculate Sidereal time.

All you have to do is add Sidereal time to your local mean time. If you should get a number above 24h 00m, you take 24h 00m off, because the time system doesn't have more than 24 hours.

The next step is to check the birthplace table of house. If your House System matches exactly one of the times indicated on the left hand side of the MC, you have it easy. Just go down along the latitudes to the one of your birthplace, and if you're born exactly on a full degree, you have it again easy, you just read the line.

All others have to start calculating the precise figures in between the full degrees.

House System adjustments for new places of living

Astrological calculations have to be made when a person does not live in the place of his birth.

In order to calculate, the difference between the longitude of your birthplace and the longitude of your new place of living has to be added (if you moved - or plan to move - east), or subtracted (if you moved - or plan to move - west) from that figure next to your birthplace MC.

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