Sinhasan Yoga - Sinhasan Yoga in kundali

Sinhasan yoga is formed when the Lord of the tenth house is in a center or triad house or in the house of wealth. A person receives an exalted position in the society if the Lord of the tenth house is either in a center or triad house or the house of wealth. Such a person achieves fame, success and lives like a King.

"Dasham Bhavan Nathe Kendra Kone Dhanasthe

Vanipati Balyane Shasta Sinhasaneshu

Sa Bhavati Narnatho Vishwa Vikhyat Kirti

Mardagalit Kapaule Sad Gaje Sevyaman"

With the presence of Sinhasan yoga, a person is fortunate, famous and talented. Such a person has an influential position in the society. The house of Karna is strong if the Lord of the tenth house is auspicious.

Second type of Sinhasan Yoga

If all the seven planets are in the second house and the triad houses, Sinhasan yoga is formed. Sinhasan yoga is formed when all the planets are in the second, eighth, sixth and the house of wealth.

"Aakashvaase Sakle Nirdhan Nimeel Narahya Vasaanyaate

Vadanti Sinhasan Naamyog Sinhasan Tantra Vishenripasya"

If Sinhasan yoga is formed in a Kundali, a person achieves fame, success, courage, skills, talent, respect, communication skills, and leadership qualities. This yoga gives auspicious results to a person. Only some people receive benefits from the effects of this yoga. It is important to study some other aspects for the formation of this yoga in a kundali. In order to receive the auspicious effects of any yoga in a kundali, it is necessary that the planets involved should also be auspicious.

Third type of Sinhasan Yoga

When all the seven planets are in Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo and Pisces, Sinhasan yoga is formed. It is also formed when all the planets are in Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius sign.

"Vishve Khaga Ali Vrisheth Sikanyakasu

Yaddha Nriyugmahari Kumbha Hayesh Vashesha"

Sinhasan yoga is considered to be an auspicious yoga that strengthens a kundali. A person born in this yoga lives life like a king. He is respected and achieves success as well as fame.

Weak or malefic planets may act as obstacles in acquiring the auspicious effects of this yoga. If this yoga is formed in a weak house, its auspicious effects are reduced. All different aspects related to the formation of this yoga should be studied before analyzing the auspicious effects of this yoga.

The advantages of Singhasan Yoga in Kundali

There are primarily three types of Singhasan Yoga that are formed in a Kundali. Now the importance of this Yoga depends on the period when this Yoga will bear fruits to the native. The native will receive fruits at the time when the planets that form the Yoga align respectively. Let us understand the importance of Singhasan Yoga.

Natives who have Singhasan Yoga in their Kundali will earn a lot of respect in their respective field through hard work. The native will be responsible towards his work and will have the ability to work hard.

  • The native is the creator of his/her own destiny. In fact through his/her own deeds the native also
  • Native will not have to bear too many problems on the financial front.
  • Native will have a creative which will come to the fore when guided correctly.
  • Native loves to spend time with friends and will always be by their side.
  • Native will do well academically.
  • Native will not like too much change.
  • Native‚Äôs strong intellectual skills will make him/her skilful at work.
  • Native will be a good orator and can also be a good advisor.