Muntha in the twelve houses of kundli

Muntha is particularly used in the calculation of Varsha Kundali. It stays in the ascendant sign of the kundali and moves to a consecutive sign every year, Muntha is not a planet, but is as important as other nine planets in the horoscope. Analysis of Muntha determines the various situations and effects of other signs and planets on the life of the native. Including Muntha in Varsha Kundali determines the incidents of the native’s life

The annual results will only be auspicious when the Muntha will conjunct its own sign or exalted sign. Munthyesha conjuncting auspicious planet or being affected by them gives good results. Muntha in the 2nd, 9th,10th and 11th house gives financial stability. It depicts good financial condition to the native. Muntha is not considered to be inauspicious in 4th, 6th, 8th and 12th house of the horoscope.  On the other hand, Muntha in conjunction with the 7th lord, 8th lord and 12th house gives auspicious results.

Effect of Muntha on twelve house of a kundali

Muntha provide strength to the house it is situated in on being conducted by auspicious planets.

It has different effects on different house of a kundali. However, he effects may change at later stage due to the influence of planetary yogas forming in a kundali.

Muntha in the First House

Muntha in the first house provides victory over enemies. The native is able to attain high position and success in business. He gets support of high authority at workplace and achieves financial benefits and good health.

Muntha in the Second House

Muntha in the second house provides longevity, financial security and peaceful life. He gets resources to attain wealth and fulfill his sexual desires.

Muntha in the Third House

Muntha in the third house provides victory, support from siblings and friends and peace of mind. He gets opportunities to visit pilgrimage places.

Muntha in the Fourth House

Muntha in the fourth house causes poor health and diseases. The native suffers from stress in relationship, misunderstandings and obstacles in work.

Muntha in the Fifth House

Muntha in the fifth house provides pleasure of children and opportunities to perform religious works. The native gets benefits and respect from government. Benefits from knowledge and new tasks are also obtained by the native with Muntha in the fifth house.

Muntha in the Sixth House

Muntha in the sixth house gives fear of theft, enemies, mental stress, liabilities, fear of court and accidents.

Muntha in the Seventh House

Muntha is not considered auspicious in the seventh house. It gives misunderstanding in relationships and conflicts with friends and siblings. Muntha in this house also gives loss in partnership, stress and diseases.

Muntha in the Eighth House

Muntha in the eighth house gives the fear of accident, disappointments, conflicts, court trials, fear of diseases and increased expenditures.

Muntha in the Ninth House

Muntha gives good results in the ninth house. The native experiences success and financial stability. It gives good results in terms of job, career, business, and family life.

Muntha in the Tenth House

Muntha in the tenth house provide high position in the society. The native get all his desires fulfilled and attains fame and respect.

Mutha in the Eleventh House

Mutha in the eleventh house provides pleasure of family life, support from friends, political success and benefit from commercial activities.

Muntha in the Twelfth House

Muntha in the twelfth house gives disease, fear of accidents, exile, court trials. It provides harm to the wealth and reputation of the native.

Effects of Lord of Ascendant in Different House


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