Saturn in Aquarius - Saturn in Aquarius Sign

People with Saturn in Aquarius are usually independent and love to be free. The may even be detached from others at times. However, they are also quite vivacious and vigorous in their approach toward others. People with Saturn in Aquarius may even be filled with pride.

They may even be selfish or self centered, but will always be able to keep the humanity alive in them. As a whole, people with this placement usually have strong balanced personalities. People with Saturn in Aquarius are innovative thinkers. They are usually proud of this fact. Such people usually work hard and may be able produce inventions of sheer mastery and genius. But, people with this placement need to keep aside their ideas from time to time, so that they can be open to the views and opinions of others.

The placement of Saturn in Aquarius zodiac would keep the planet with all of its dominance at a potent presence on account of Saturn being in its own zodiac as it rules the arena of Aquarius. The natives of this enclosure would get most of the attributes of Aquarius. People belonging to Aquarius sign are usually intelligent and intellectual. They have smart personalities and are proud of the fact that they have immense knowledge about various subjects. Such people are inclined towards spirituality and morality. Hence, they have a philosophical point of view and a moral approach towards life. People with Saturn in Aquarius are usually diplomatic and witty.

People with Saturn in Aquarius believe in long term commitments. Hence, they are always loyal towards their friends, colleagues and alliances. Such people usually befriend people with common interests. They may come together for the same cause or maybe be involved with similar ventures and ideas. People with Saturn in Aquarius usually have a keen interest in thinking about the future.

Such people usually rise to the defense of personal freedom for humanity as a whole. They believe in freedom and independence. You are seriously eccentric, in some ways, but can be unexpectedly conservative in some areas. You work hard to be authentic, and can be enigmatic to those around you. People with Saturn in Aquarius have the ability to really concentrate. They have a scientific mind. They are inventive and original, if a bit conservative. They may see the future as bleak. They often work towards improving society. They are good at organizing.

People with this placement can be very good friends. They are responsible, loyal and impartial. They are level-headed and stable. However, people with Saturn in Aquarius do not easily make friends. It may be quite difficult for them. They may be a loner socially, but they really want to be a part of a group. It is difficult for them to be accepted because they can't help the superiority complex they exude. For success in life, they need to learn a tolerant, impartial attitude in public. They should develop their intuition and original thinking skills. Using these skills in practical applications will contribute to their happiness.

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  • Mrinmoyee Bhattacharya on 26 September, 2015 02:45:15 AM
    This prediction is just awesome! Thumbs up! I'm a leo with lagna to be cancer. I have saturn in my 8th house which have kumbh sign in the 8th. Almost everything matched!!

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