Retrogression of Planets

All the planets are in clockwise motion round the zodiac. Sometimes, planets appear to have a backwards motion due to the relative position and motion of planets. When a planet instead of moving forward appears to recede in the zodiac or has a backwards motion, it is called retrograde.

A planet in retrograde motion has a special significance in astrology. The effects that a planet produces when in retrograde motion are far different from than the ones they exert while moving directly. Retrogression or Vakrabala makes a planet unusual or perverse in results. The retrograde planets are usually represented with R in front of its position. These are also known as ‘Vakri’ planets in hindu astrology.

The Sun and Moon are never retrograde. Mercury is retrograde three times in a year, Saturn and Jupiter every year for some months and Mars and Venus are retrograde once in about two years. Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde which means that they always move backwards.

It is said that malefic planets in retrogression always give bad and unfavourable results. Benefic planets when are retrograde always provide good and auspicious results. Some scholars believe that results of a planet in retrograde state depend on its position in the previous house i.e the house from which it recedes while others opine that it gives the results of the house into which it recedes and not of the previous house.

Whenever a planet changes its normal course, it yields unusual effects. During this period, the major influences can be seen in the fields related to these planets. For example, communication may cause a havoc for the native when Mercury is retrograde or chances of accidents will be enhanced during the retrogression of Mars etc.

Hence, a good astrologer studies all the aspects of retrogression of planets along with other combinations in a Kundali.

Retrogression of Mercury

Mercury governs intellect, communication and thinking in a person. It goes in retrograde state about three times a year for three weeks of time period each. During the retrogression of Mercury, all lines of communication seems to go haywire. The information provided by the native is misinterpreted. Although the native may come out with brilliant ideas during this period, but he may suffer from anxiety and nervous breakdown very frequently.

The native should not sign any contract even if it means a verbal commitment when Mercury is in retrograde state. He should not rely on any information which comes to him and should think, watch and analyse because the information presented in front of him may be a false one if not totally unnecessary.

Retrogression of Venus

The retrograde state of Venus is related to our luxuries in life and to our relationships with our near and dear ones. Many great conflicts, dissatisfactions, joys, pleasures and strides in relationship might take place behind closed doors during this period. It is also the time we should reconsider our material gains in life. Also, this is the time to be watchful as it is a period for strong emotional ups and downs.

If Venus is retrograde in birth chart, it indicates emotional and material difficulties. If it is well-placed and is retrograde, it indicates extreme emotional attractions and repulsions.

Retrogression of Mars

Mars primarily governs anger and aggression. We may face issues involving these emotions, either within ourselves or with others. The native may become unusually sensitive to disagreements, conflict and power dynamics around him. He might feel it difficult to deal with aggression, anger, hostility, fear, threats and displays of power. The primary instinctive responses to fear are fight, flight or freeze.

Hence, the person needs to control his control his anger and needs to maintain an equilibrium between his anger and his composure.

Retrogression of Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion in career. When this planet is in retrogression, a lot many projects may get delayed or stop altogether. Moreover, the native might become committed to the political parties and religious sects which promote and carry out violence.

This is the time for a person to think about his or her own resources and ways to utilize it. In this period, you might come up with a conclusion that the work you stopped was not exactly necessary and there are better resources available.

Retrogression of Saturn

A person either will not know when to stop working or may not like to work at all when Saturn is retrograde. This period can cause unexpected delays and interruptions. Unthought obstacles can spring up taking up your priority. People with a retrograde Saturn appear shy, uneasy, introvert or lacking in self-assertion. They feel alone, isolated, separated from their friends.

This is the right time to sit back and reconsider all that you are doing. It is not a proper time to make new starts but make sure that you learn from the failures of the past.

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