Nine Planets - Nine Planets in Astrology

All the nine planets in astrology have a great influence of the human life and entire universe. These planets include: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Moon, Sun and Ketu. According to the astrologers, these nine planets influence the universe in every aspect. Each planet is associated with its own kind of energy that affects the life of the native from the very first day of his birth and continue till the end. It is also believed that the qualities of all the nine planets keep the nature and life under balance.


Sun occupies a predominant position among the nine planets. It is the solar deity and worshipped in the form of a protagonist. Lord Sun has golden hair and hands. His chariot is pulled by seven horses, which represent the seven chakras. He is the lord of Sunday and provides luxury, pleasure, power, opulence and grandeur. Sun is the first planet of solar system and is the soul of the universe. It provides strength and energy to everything around. Planets, constellations etc. revolves around it. It is the lord of Leo and is considered to be the governor of the brain.

According to the Hindu scriptures, Sun is said to be the soul of the universe. The earth gets energy from it and illuminates the entire world. The Vedas have described the glory of Sun such Surya upanishad, Bhavishya Purana, Matsya Purana, Brahma Purana, Markandeya Purana etc. It is considered as an eye of god in Rigveda and Yajurveda stating Chaksho Suryo Jayat.


Lord Moon is also known as lord Som. Moon is the second of the nine planets. Moon is also known as the lord of Nakshatras. He is also the lord of Cancer sign. Lord Moon can be related to Lord Shiva and goddess Uma. Moon was married to Daksha’s twenty seven daughters. Hence, his twenty-seven wives are known as twenty-seven Nakshatras.

Lord Moon is the lord of Mondays in the form of Som. His clothes, horse and chariot are white coloured. Lord Moon wears a golden crown, a pearl necklace and sits on a lotus. He can also be seen holding a mace. He has ten horses and a chariot with three wheels. Moon is believed to be Karak of cold, water, Nakshatras, medicines and fluids.


Mars is known as a planet of aggression and radiance in astrology. Lord Mars signifies  fire in sanskrit. He is also known as the son of earth i.e Bhumiputra. He is the lord of wars and holds a position of commander among other planets in the solar system. Mars is the lord of Scorpio and Aries sign. Lord Mars can be seen influencing everything around him with his radiance.

Lord Mars represents energetic actions, self-confidence and ego. Mars indicates power, strength, courage and protector of religion. Lord Mars has four hands and can be seen holding trident in one hand and mace in the other. A person who worships Lord Mars gets freedom from all liabilities.  One should wear Coral to get good results of Mars. This planet represents the South direction. His vehicle is Sheep and is the lord of Tuesday.


Lord Mercury is the son of Moon and Star. It has royal qualities and represents voice. Mercury is a calm and a gentle planet. Mercury is ruled by lord Vishnu. It is the lord of Virgo and Gemini sign. Mahadasha of this planet lasts for 17 years. Lord Mercury can be seen wearing yellow clothes and gold embedded crown on his head. He wears a beautiful garland of flowers in his neck and holds a sword, mace, shields in his hand. He retains his character in varmudra position. Lord Mercury rides a lion. He is worshipped in the ishan-kona in navgrah puja. Emerald and agate should be worn to get auspicious results of Mercury.


Since lord Jupiter is the teacher and preacher of all Devas, planet Jupiter is also known as Guru. This planet represents wisdom and knowledge. It is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces sign and Topaz is the gem associated with the planet. It is considered to be the lord of intelligence and power of speech. Jupiter can be seen wearing golden coloured clothes. He adorns his forehead with a beautiful gold crown and wears a beautiful necklace around his neck. He sits on a lotus flower, holding a wooden dowel in one hand and rudraksha string in the other. He retains his characters in Varmudra position. He rides a golden chariot with eight yellow horses attached to it. Jupiter through his immense intelligence, helps gods to do their Yagyas successfully and also protects them from demons. Jupiter is also known as Devmantri, Dev Purohit, Devajya, Ajay, Guru, Vachspati etc.


According to vedic scriptures Venus is the guru (teacher) of demons. He is the scholar of scriptures and guru of life saving herbs. In astrology, Venus is considered as a feminine planet. It is given the position of a minister among nine planets. It is the lord of Taurus and Libra sign. Venus represents south-east direction. Diamond is the associated gemstone of this planet. It is also represents sensuality, beauty, attraction, pleasure of vehicle etc.


Saturn is the lord of Saturdays. Saturn revolves slower than the other planets. It is also the lord of air and western direction. Black is believed to be Saturn’s favorite colour. Saturn can be seen wearing black coloured clothes with a gold crown on the head and a necklace around the neck. Saturn rides on an iron chariot being pulled by a vulture. He can be seen holding a sword, an arrow and two knives. Saturn is believed to be the lord of justice. He is believed to provide with results according to a person’s deeds. Every human being on this earth is influenced by the effects of Saturn at least once in life. Saturn is believed to be stubborn and aggressive.Gemstones associated with this planet are Sapphire and blue amethyst.


Rahu is considered to be an inauspicious planet in astrology. It is also known as a shadow planet or chayya planet. It  has a terrifying appearance. Rahu wears black coloured clothes with a crown on the head and a necklace around the neck. He rides a lion and holds a sword, shield, Trishool and Varmudra. There are many famous stories about Rahu. It is believed that nothing should be done during Rahu Kaal. Hence, Rahu Kaal is noted before starting any new work.  Rahu rides darkness which is in the form of a chariot. Eight black horses pull his chariot. Rahu’s Adhidevta is Kaal and Pratyadhi Devta is Sun. According to astrology, Rahu’s Mahadasha is believed to be of 18 years.


Ketu wears black coloured clothes. He holds a mace and varmudra. Ketu’s Mahadasha is believed to be 7 years long. Ketu’s Adhidevta is Chitraketu and Pratyadhi Devta is Brahma. It is believed that after the battle between the devas and the demons, lord Vishnu cut off Rahu’s head with his Sudarshan Chakra. The head came to be known as Rahu and the rest of the body came to be known as Ketu. Gemstones, oil, sesame seeds, blankets, weapons and kasturi should be donated for Ketu. Cat’s eye gemstone should be worn to calm down Ketu.

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