Importance of Antardasha in Vedic astrology

Antardasha is the extended period of a Mahadasha that is subdivided into various smaller periods. In other words, Mahadashas are divided into nine segments called antardashas, where all the 9 planets have their influence within the major influence of the planet which is a ruler of mahadasha. Antardasha is also known as ’sub-ruling-periods’ which run in the same order as the Mahadashas, and with the same proportional length.There are many Dasha systems in Indian Astrology.  Vimshottari, Kalachakra, Yogini, Ashtottari, Jaimini and Chara Dasha are some of the most significant Dashas and Mahadashas in Indian astrology.

According to Vedic astrology, the Dasha of the native at the time of birth starts from lord of birth Nakshatra in the following sequence.

Sun-6 yrs, Moon-10 yrs, Mars-7 yrs, Rahu-18 yrs, Jupiter-16 yrs, Saturn-19 yrs, Mercury-17 yrs, Ketu-7 yrs, Venus-20yrs .

For example, the first Antardasha of Ketu is Ketu/Ketu, the second is Ketu/Venus, the third Ketu/Sun and so on. This subdivision allows to make a much more detailed examination of the influence of each mahadasha, and gives a much clearer indication of what events are expected to occur and when in the life of the native.

How to calculate the Antardasha of a planet

The procedure to calculate the the duration of the Antardasha of a planet in the Mahadasha is not very difficult. First multiply the duration of both of the planets in years and  then divide the product by 120 to get the result. The product of the planets are divided by 120 years, because in the Vimshottari Dasha system the total number of years assigned to all planets is 120 years.

For example, the Antardasha of Sun during the Mahadasha of Sun will be 6×6/120=0.3 years, or 3 months 18 days. This calculation can be simplified by dividing the number of years of the  planet by 20.

The Antardashas of different planets in Mahadashas of  particular planet can be calculated in a similar manner. For example: Antardasha of  Moon in Mahadasha of Sun is 6 years x 10 years divided by 120 years = 6 months. The sequence of calculations thus continues in the same manner for other planets as well. When a Mahadasha of a planet begins, Antardasha of the same planet also begins.

Antardasha of Planets Related to Profession

Human life is divided into various segments of Mahadashas, Antardashas and Pratyantar Dashas of planets. As per the ancient scriptures and texts, these segments have a great influence on the human life, both in a positive or negative way. These planetary Dashas have the capabilities to bring massive changes in people’s life.

People with Antardasha pass through effect of more than one planet at many times. The possibilities of fluctuation in professional life increases to a greater extent during Antardasha. Antardasha of strong planets take a person to great heights. On the other hand, a person may have to face lots of obstacles in different aspect of life during the Dasha of weak planets.

When a person has Antardasha of triangular house, there is a change in his job as well as an increment in salary and post. Dasha of Trik house always give mental tensions to a person. During this phase, a person needs to work under pressure.

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