Yogas for Pitra Dosha and Remedies for it

A person is born with lots of Yogas in a birth chart. These yogas can either give good result or bad results and sometimes mixed results. Sometimes due to the Yogas formed in the birth chart, despite of being blessed by all the worldly pleasures the native is not able to enjoy them. He constantly remains upset about one or the other thing. What can be the reason behind it ? Such a native decides to consult a good astrologer to understand the reasons behind his sufferings. It’s only after consulting an astrologer he gets to know that the reason behind his sufferings is the Pitra Dosha formed in his birth chart.

According to Brihatparashara there are total 14 kinds of Shapit Yoga i.e defects formed in a kundali out of which Pitra dosha, Matra dosha, Bhratra Dosha, Matul Dosha, Pret Doshas are primary doshas. If anyone of these doshas are present in a kundali, then the person have to suffer from financial losses, obstacles in business, child related problems etc. There can be many reasons for Pitra dosha. Some of them are discussed below on the basis of birth chart.

  • Pitra dosha is formed when the Sun and Rahu or Sun and Saturn are situated in the first, second, fourth, seventh, ninth or tenth house of the birth chart. The house in which this Yoga is formed becomes malefic and give auspicious results.
  • If in a horoscope Rahu is in the Lagna or ascendant and the Lagnesh is situated in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, then also Pitra Dosha is formed.
  • When the lord of the sixth,eighth or twelfth house aspect or conjuncts the planets forming Pitra dosha then the native may have to suffer from accidents, injuries, eyesight problems, obstacles in promotion, loss of wealth etc.


  • If anyone of the above Pitra dosha forms  in your birth chart, then you are advised to feed the priests, donate money and red clothes to them and perform Pitra Tarpan on a Sunday of Sakranti or Anavasya.
  • Matra Dosha is formed when Moon-Rahu, Moon-Ketu, Moon-Mercury or Moon-Saturn cojuncts each other. It is similar to that of Pitra dosha.
  • In these yogas, the conjunction between moon-rahu and sun-rahu is known as grahan yoga. Similarly, Jadtava Yoga is formed when Mercury conjuncts Rahu. The inauspicious results of these yogas depends upon the position of lord of the house in which these planets are placed. However, conjunction of moon with Rahu is not considered to be auspicious. This yoga gives problems to mother or father of the native, brings mental stress, conflicts with siblings etc.
  • When the lord of the tenth house is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house then also Pitra dosha is formed.
  • The native may be deprived of the pleasure of children in the Pitra dosha when Jupiter or Rahu forms yoga in the eighth or twelfth house and Sun conjunct saturn or mars in the fifth house of the birth chart.
  • When the lord of the twelfth house is in the ascendant, lord of the eighth house is in the fifth house and that of tenth house comes in the eighth house then also Pitra dosha is formed. In this Pitra dosha the native is deprived of children and faces huge financial losses.

Other than the above mentioned yogas, there are certain yogas in the birth chart that brings lots of sufferings in the life of the native such as if panchmesha is situated with Rahu in the trik house (6,8,12) along with saturn or other furious planet in the fifth house then the native is deprived of the pleasure of child. Moreover, when Saturn and Rahu comes together with other auspicious planets then also several inauspicious yogas are formed that give equivalent result are equal to Pitra dosha.

Specific Remedies for pacifying Pitra Dosha

If the native with Pitra dosha in his birth chart is unable to perform expensive remedies, then he can do some simple and inexpensive remedies also to get relief from his sufferings. Following are the remedies for pitra dosha.

  • On formation of Pitra dosha in the birth chart the native must hang a picture of his ancestors on the south wall of his house and put garland of flowers to give respect. The native should also feed the priests and offer charity as per his potency on their death date. He should also perform tarpan and shraadh from time to time.
  • The native should give respect to his parents and siblings who are alive. Serve them with wealth, clothes, food etc to attain their blessings.
  • Worship the peepal tree with buttermilk, water of holy river Ganga, black sesame, sugar, water and flowers while chanting, “ Om Pitrabhaya Namah”. Then recite Pitra Sutak Path for auspicious results.
  • Worship the Sun on every Sankranti, Amavasya and Sunday and offer red sandalwood, ganga jal and pure water while chanting beej mantra.
  • Conducting Pitra tarpan on every amavasya while sitting facing the south direction is considered to beneficial. The native must also recite Pitra strot or pitra sutak path, Neelkanth strot on Trayodashi, Sarpa Sutak path on panchami, Shri Narayan Kavach on Purnamasi and then feed the priests as per his potency to get relief from the malefic effects of pitra dosha.
  • Other than performing shraddh for the peace of dead ancestors, the native must also feed the cow, poor people, dogs and crows during shraddh days to get auspicious results.
  • People should sacrifice non-vegetarian food, alcohol, eggs during shraadh and should only consume simple meals.
  • Offer water, flowers, rice, milk, ganga jal, black sesame to the peepal tree and light lamps under it while reciting naag strot, mahamrityunjaya mantra, rudra sutak or pitra strot. Also feed and donate some money to the priests as per your potency.
  • Worship Lord Shiva every monday by offering 21 flowers of aank, buttermilk, bilva leaves to reduce the negative impact of pitra dosha.
  • Worshipping the god you believe in everyday also reduces the impact of pitra dosha.
  • A person with Pitra dosha in the birth chart must help a poor girl to get married or serve her during her illness to attain auspicious results.
  • The native can also gets benefits by planting peepal and banayan tree, getting a well dugged,  reciting Lord Vishnu mantras and shrimad bhagwat path or opening a hospital or school in the name of dead ancestors.

Remedies to avoid unhappiness related to children due to Pitra Dosha

Some people are deprived of the pleasure of child due to Pitra dosha in their birth chart. The remedies to pacify these effects are :

1.The native with Pitra dosha formed by the formation of yogas between Sun-Rahu, Sun-Saturn etc must perform narayana bali, naag bali, shraadh in gaya, Pitra tarpan or shraadh in the Ashwin Krishna paksha to get relief from its effects.

2.Matra Dosha

If moon being the lord of fifth house conjucts furious planets such as rahu, saturn, mars etc and Jupiter is in the fifth or ninth house then Matra dosha is formed keeping the native deprived of pleasure of a child.

Remedies to pacify Matra Dosha

A native with Matra dosha must donate a cow or cow’s milk in a silver utensil to get auspicious results. Alternatively, he can also perform homas and chant gayatri mantra 1 lakh times. He should also feed the priests and donate clothes, money to them as per his potency.

Doing parikrama of a peepal tree 28 times is also beneficial to get relief from the negativ effects of Matra dosha.

3.Bhratra Dosha

Bhratra dosha is formed when Mars is in the fifth house along with Rahu and Panchmesha and Lagnesha both are in the eighth house, The native with this dosha faces obstacles in having children

Remedies to pacify Bhratra Dosha

To get relief from the effects of this yoga, the person must observe Shri Satyanarayana fast and read Satyanarayan stories and Vishnu Sahasranama path. After doing all this he should distribute the prasad to all the members of the family.

4.Sarpa Dosha

When Mars aspects Rahu in the fifth house or when Rahu is present in the sig of Mars then Sarpa dosha is formed resulting in problems with having children.

Remedies to pacify Sarpa Dosha

The native should perform Narayana naagbali with proper rituals to get relief from this dosha. After that he should feed the priests and donate clothes, money, cow, sesame seeds, silver etc to him as per his potency.

5.Brahman Shraap or Dosha

Brahman dosha is formed when Rahu is in the sagittarius or pisces sign and jupiter, mars and saturn are in the fifth house and the lord of the ninth house is in the eighth house.

Remedies to pacify Brahman Dosha

Donate an idol of Lord Laxmi Narayana to a priests in the temple. The native can also do kanyadaan as per his potency, donate a cow along with its cub to increase auspicious results and to get relief from this defect.

6.Maatul Shraap

Maatul dosha is formed when mars, mercury, jupiter or rahu is in the fifth house of the birth chart. In this dosha the person do not attain the pleasure of a child due to the curse of this dosha.

Remedies to pacify Maatul Shraap

Establish an idol of Lord Vishnu in a temple to get relief from the effects of this dosha. The native can also construct bridges, lake, taps, water tanks for the benefits of others.

7.Pret Shraap

Pret shraap is formed when saturn or sun is in the fifth house of a birth chart, moon is weak in the seventh house, rahu is in the ascendant and jupiter is in the twelfth house.

Pret dosha is formed when the person does not offer respect to his dead ancestors and do not perform their shraadh as per the rituals.

Remedies to pacify Pret Shraap

Worshipping Lord Shiva with proper rituals and rudrabhishek is beneficial to pacify the effects of this dosha. The native must also feed the priests and donate clothes, money, cow, sesame seeds, silver etc to him as per his potency.

Performing sacred deeds such as holy bath and charity at holy pilgrimages such as Gayaji, Haridwar, Prayag etc is beneficial to increase auspicious results.

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