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There are loads of different gemstones which are found in different parts of the world. A person uses gemstones to bring fortune and good luck. He desires happiness and fulfillment of his wishes on wearing gemstones. Gemstones are believed to have magical powers which strengthen a planet and decreases its ill effects. These are being worn since ancient times in order to bring fortune and good luck to our lives since these have immense powers.

We can benefit from gemstones once we are able to understand their relationship with planets. Gemstones are capable of strengthening or weakening planets in the same way in which planets can strengthen or weaken a person. Gemstones are extremely powerful and have powers related to bridle, colors and magnetism.

A gemstone may bring good fortune to your lives. For best results, a gemstone should be worn after proper analysis and consultation of experts. A gemstones should be worn according to the condition of planets. Dasha and Antar Dasha of planets should also be noted while wearing gemstones. The measurement of the gemstones should also be taken care of. A gemstone with inappropriate measurements will not provide positive results.

It should always be noted if the gemstone you are about to wear is able to control and convert the ill effects of a related planet. We should also be able to know which gemstones would affect which planets and whether they would provide with auspicious results or not. A gemstone should be able to save you from the inauspicious effects of a planet. Gemstones are considered to be important even from a scientific point of view. They are believed to provide you with fortune as well as health benefits.

Planets and Gemstones

Planets are the basis for wearing any gemstone. To strengthen planet Sun in a Kundali, you should wear Ruby. In the same way, each planet has been assigned different gemstones and metals. Pearl and Silver have been assigned to Moon as its gemstone and metal respectively. Coral and Copper are Mars’s gemstone and metal respectively. The gemstone for Mercury is emerald and its metal is gold. In the same way, the gemstone for Jupiter is yellow Sapphire and its metal is gold. The gemstone of Venus is diamond and metal is silver. Blue Sapphire is suggested for Saturn and its metal is iron. The gemstone for Hessonite is suggested for Rahu while its metal is Ashta Dhaatu. Cat’s eye gemstone can be worn for Ketu in a copper or gold ring.

Warnings related to Gemstones

Gemstones possess immense powers that can strengthen a planet. Due to these powers, gemstones are also considered to be a part of planets. Every branch of astrology talks about gemstones in detail. Gemstones can provide you auspicious as well as inauspicious results. It is important to follow certain principles and take care of certain things so that gemstones do not provide you inauspicious results. First of all, consult a skilled astrologer before wearing a gemstone. Also, wear it after proper worship and puja. If a planet is giving inauspicious results during its Dasha or Antardasha, it is not auspicious to wear a gemstone related to it. During this period, you get auspicious results if you wear a gemstone related to a friendly planet or the lord of the ascendant. Gemstones should always be checked for authenticity and purity before being worn. Gemstones with cracks or stains do not give auspicious results.

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    which gemstone would be lucky for me and it will help me to find me success throughout my life and after wearing my lucky gemstone i can start and find success in my textile bussiness
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    My birth date is 29 of june 1979 can you please recommend me my lucky gem stone? Thank you.

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