Singh Sankranti 2020, Effects On All Zodiac Signs

Singh Sankranti falls in the middle of August. Singh Sankranti refers to the period of Sun's transit in Leo. Surya Sankranti is the entry of the Sun into Leo sign. Puja and Snan are carried out at the time of Surya Sankranti. Along with Sun’s Puja, donation, etc. done according to one’s ability at this time brings happiness and prosperity in life.

Surya Singh Sankranti Period

This year Surya Sankranti will be celebrated on 16 August 2020. Sun's entry into Leo will be at 19:10 in the evening. The Punya Kaal of this Sankranti will start after 12:46 in the afternoon.

Auspicious time for Snan-Daan on Singh Sankranti

  • Kark Sankranti will begin on 16 August in the evening.
  • Singh Sankranti will commence in Aquarius Lagna.
  • At this time Sun will enter the Leo sign.
  • The Sun will be aspected by Jupiter.
  • The virtuous period of Kark Sankranti will start post afternoon.
  • Singh Sankranti Var Nakshatra fruits

    Singh Sankranti Var Nakshatra refers to the day when Sankranti starts and also Nakshatra in which it occurs. This year, according to the Sankranti Var, it will give the fruits from a Yoga called Mahodari which stems from the combination of Ghora and Nakshatra Yoga. This Sankranti period will be beneficial to those who are smart at their work. The effects of political instability will be seen in this Sankranti. The effects of anarchy will be evidently diffused.

    Who should donate what items on Singh Sankranti?

    For Aries

    For Aries natives, it will give positive results when the Sun is in the fifth house. For Aries natives, Sun becomes the Lord of the fifth house. This placement of Sun will help you move forward in many areas. Students will do well. At this time, a little separation may occur in love affairs. Sun being in this house can make you more enthusiastic.

    Remedy -

    Donate wheat.

    For Taurus

    Sun's entry into Taurus can increase the pace at work. Job advancement and relocation are also seen. During this period activities that involve changes are likely to take place. You may have to face some health related problems during this period, but overall the situation will be under control. You will be working hard and may also acquire a vehicle.

    Remedy -

    feed sweets to small children

    For Gemini

    There will be a lot of things that will need your attention at work. You will have to work harder in this period. It is also possible that you may have to travel. Someone, in particular, may give you a lot of mental stress. You will have to keep up your hard work in this period. A tense situation can emerge between you and your father. Avoid arguing with anyone in vain. Focus on your work. We are intellect and hard work both will be up to the mark. You will be eager to pursue all possible avenues. The presence of the Sun in the fourth house can be troublesome and can cause discomfort.

    Remedy -

    Donate green items.

    For Cancer

    For Cancer natives, Sun’s transit in the 2nd house can cause a financial disturbance and lead to financial shortfall. At this time you can be in a happy go lucky frame of mind. You may not get along with everyone at the domestic front. There will also be differences with your spouse. Your language may also hurt others. You will emphasize your own perspective. It is necessary to pay attention to the advice of others in this period. Take care of your health. You will receive a lot of love from your mother. Property-related projects may not lead to profits but you will continue to remain involved in property matters. Marital relationships will abound with love. You should listen to the advice of others in this period.

    Remedy -

    Get blessings of the elderly.

    For Leo

    You will be strong in this period and will take responsibility for all your decisions. Your work will be done. You may see some visitors too. You may have to travel a long distance. Time may be favorable for you. When Sun God transits on your own zodiac sign, you will be spirited and enthusiastic. Anger and ego can also increase. Carrying out religious activities and doing charity will give you auspicious results.

    Remedy -

    Read the Adityastotra.

    For Virgo

    Virgo natives need to maintain control over themselves because they will not be able to cannot anything else. Do not be discouraged, move forward with your ideology firmly. You will see new dimensions in health, character, intelligence and fortune. You may get a chance to lead people. You may also meet your friends. Keep yourself energetic. You need to be wary of your hidden enemies.

    Remedy -

    Perform Shivling Abhishek with honey and cow's milk.

    For Libra

    For you, Sun’s transit in Leo sign will bring up a host of opportunities. There will be benefits from the field of agriculture. Those in business will be able to keep a check on the same. It will be good if you try and upskill yourself. You will interact more with the people around you. Projects will come up and you will be working hard.

    Remedy -

    Read Shri Vishnu Sahastranam.

    For Scorpio

    You will be working continuously in this period. You may have differences of opinion with the boss on some important issues, but the situation will not be all that bad. You may be overzealous in affairs of love. Expenses will be high. There may be some religious and auspicious events in the family.

    Remedy -

    Offer Mishri to Lord Vishnu.

    For Sagittarius

    There will be a lot of running around in this period. You will be concerned about your health. There may be some instances where there will be repetitive work. You will get opportunities that will help you earn respect in society. Your anger can make you negative. You will be able to take up old projects that were left midway. You will spend quality time with your children. You will get along with your partner in marriage which will help you move forward in marriage.

    Remedy -

    Light camphor in the temple.

    For Capricorns

    You will need to speed up your work at this time. Socially, a lot of work will get done but simultaneously your responsibilities will also go up. The discussions on marital issues can begin. You may benefit from an old property at this time. There may be distance for some time with people in the family, but will be together once again.

    Remedy -

    Donate food items to the poor.

    For Aquarius

    Students will have to work harder in competitive exams in this period. There will be sudden windfall gains. There may be altercations with father and your father may be a bit rude. New options at work will prop up in this period. You are likely to attain success in legal matters. Your profits may be a bit compromised because of external interference.

    Remedy -

    Donating sesame seeds will give benefits.

    For Pisces

    This period will be favorable for Pisces natives. You may get extremely tied up because of family related matters. You will have to work harder in this period. Do take care of your health too. There may be some changes at home. Your attention is going to be on their siblings. You may also go on a shopping spree.

    Remedy -

    Donate turmeric in the temple.