Hindu Marriage Muhurta 2012 - Hindu Marriage Muhurta - Marriage Muhurta 2012 - Marriage Muhurtham - Marriage Dates in 2012

The most auspicious date is taken onto consideration at the time of marriage. As per the astrologers, some important factors which are kept in mind while calculating the date of marriage. There are certain phases or periods which are not considered auspicious to perform marriage rituals. These phases are : displacement of Venus and Jupiter, Solar or Lunar eclipse, Pitra Paksha, Bhishma Panchak etc.

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Time period prohibited to marry in 2012

Jupiter Astudaya (set and rise)

Guru (Jupiter) Vardhkya will begin on  29th April. It will set in West on 2nd May till 30th May. Jupiter will rise again on 31st May, 03:35 in East.  It will suffer from Balyatava Dosha from 31st May to 2nd June.

Kankan Solar Eclipse - 21st May 2012

Kankan Solar Eclipse will be visible at the time of sunrise in states of North - East India - Guwahati, Agartala, Imphal, Manipur, Darjelling etc.  It will not be seen in the other states of India.

Venus Astudaya (set and rise)

Venus will set on 2nd June to 11th June. On 11th June, Venus will rise in the East. Venus will suffer from Balyatava Dosha from 12th June to 14th June.

Bhadrapad Adhikmas

Adhikmas is not considered to be an auspicious time to perform marriage. Bhadrapad Adhikmas will begin on 18th August and will last till 16th September. This period is also known as Malmaas or Laud month.

Pitra Paksha or Shraadh Paksha

Shraadh will begin on 29th September and will last till 15th October. This period is also not considered appropriate to perform marriage rituals.

Bhishma Panchak

The period of Bhishma Panchak is 24th November to 28th November. This period is not considered auspicious for marriage in various states of India, such as Punjab, Himachal, Jammu etc. But in other states, it is not considered inauspicious for marriage.

Paush Month

Pauch month will begin on 15th December 2012 and end on 12th january 2013. This is not a good month for marriage.

Following dates will be auspicious to perform marriage related works.

Hindu Marriage - January 2012
Hindu Marriage - February 2012
Hindu Marriage - March 2012
Hindu Marriage - April 2012
Hindu Marriage - June 2012
Hindu Marriage - July 2012
Hindu Marriage- August 2012
Hindu Marriage - September 2012
Hindu Marriage- October 2012
Hindu Marriage- November 2012
Hindu Marriage- December 2012

Above mentioned dates will be auspicious to perform marriage.

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